The Best Damn Diary - PERIOD!
2004-02-04 07:25:26 (UTC)

"H!gH - v0lUmE eIgHt!"

Welcome back to the STONERS PALACE. Well, not much really
to talk about, just cause i'm in one of those "emotional"
states. Proof is in the Bryan Adams song i'm listening to,

Brit turned me down. I completely understand though where
she's coming from about the fact that she doesn't wanna
wreck an AWESOME friendship, cause i agree. I don't want
us to stop being friends, just cause we went out.

The simple fact is, that just cause i'm not with someone
after goin out with them is just not me. I've only had one
case of that....cheree.

It's funny that i care for brit the way i do. She says
alot of people just use her for sex and stuff....not for
her. Which sucks, cause she doesn't need that, she needs
someone who cares for her, loves her, and will ALWAYS be
there for her when she needs it. I can promise her this,
but not alot of people in this city can.

I know there's no "us"....but at least i followed my
heart, and what it told me. My heart said it was a
go...that's what you gotta do people. The only thing that
matters is Following your heart, and eventually you'll get
it right.

All i can hope for right now is britney sees through all i'm not every guy she wants, or every guy that
asks her out. I'm hoping in the long run that there can be
an us, cause i really want there to be. I do wanna be with
her....if i didn't, i wouldn't have asked her. But i feel
attracted to her in so many ways...emotionally mostly.
Like i said, we've gone through the same shit...and we're
still dealing and learning how to deal with it.

Anyways, i hope she understands this.

pEaCe 0uT pEoPlE!!!