the excitingness of my life
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2004-02-04 05:24:20 (UTC)

depressing shit that i feel the need to put in here

The pain increases everyday...it feels like im being torn
apart At night i toss and turn like a thousand nights w/o
no sleepI know i promised to be a good example but its the
one i cannot keep Sometimes i wanna die so i slit my wrist
untill it bleeds My pain ,its never-ending, it never
leaves...it just exceedes I know i shouldnt feel this way
but then i stop and think-who cares- So maybe the world
would be better off if i throw myself down these stairs...

*The flames that burn so big and so bright
Cast shadows on the wall that give the little ones a fright
*The silence in the room that just chills up your spine
Makes you think of the times when your life fell behind
*The blood from your wrists that just drips on the floor
Makes you scream 'cause it hurts, but you keep wanting more
*The blood-curling screams that peirce your ears like a
knife Puts thoughts in your head, to just give up and end
your life *The picking and the laughter that keeps running
through your head Makes you realize -life's a bitch- and
you wish you were dead

My tears fall like rain, from the long-lasting pain. When I
look in your eyes, my heart just dies. Beauty divine, I
hope you'll be mine. Held in your arms, for all time. All
dressed in white. Bringer of light. Spend time with me, all
through the night. Beauty divine, your tears taste like
wine. Come to me, for all time. My spine shivers with the
touch of your lips. My pale skin turns red when we kiss.
Piercing your nails deep into my back, as I slowly kiss
your ivory neck. I started to cry after hours of joyful sin.
My tears turned to roses as they embraced your skin...
I gathered them to a bouquet of the most beautiful
flowers...A bouquet of the most secret and ancient powers...
My amber heart started to glow as I died really slow...

the awkward but awesome feeling i get when i see him and
all i want to do is run into his arms and stay there
forever. The way he makes me feel when we are together;
like im on a high and nothing can bring me down.i know i
can always trust him to be there for me when i need a
shoulder to cry on, or just there to help me out when times
get rough.The way he still loves me when i mess up and dont
deserve it. the way i can be with him w/o makeup on and yet
he still says im beautiful. when he says I LOVE YOU i know
its true because my heart skips a beat and my soul bursts
with joy. he means the world to me, hell, he is my world.
i cant wait untill i get to wake up and roll over to see
him laying there beside me. i want to be with him
forever.he truly is my everything.if it wasnt for him i
probably wouldnt even be here right now

yeah ok bye

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