2004-02-04 02:59:59 (UTC)

my poor knee :(

today i was NOT in a good mood... my freakin knee has given
me more problems lately i swear. in 2nd period today, after
watching the apprentice, i was just having a fun
conversation w/ logan about who knows what and i went to
stand up and my knee popped and did something really
weird. i immediatly sat down and put my head on my desk bc
i was crying and i didn't want anyone to see. it felt like
my knee cap had popped out of place and was sitting in a
weird position, and where one of my scars is, it felt like
a packet of liquid was there. i could squish it around (and
it hurt) and logan said he could even feel it, and he
checked my other knee, and his knees, and he didn't have
that gooey feeling thingy there, so we knew something was
wrong. ya... 2nd period was over and i hobbled to 3rd and
asked mr. moore to go to the clinic bc i had looked at my
knee and it had already started to swell, so i went up and
called my mom and she was at work grrr... so i talked ot my
dad and he just told me to ice to keep down the swelling.
my mom calls the school and i get a personal phone call in
psych, that was kinda cool, lol, and she was trying to
convince me to go home, but i didn't want to miss trig
(which was good bc we learned a new lesson today and its
extremely difficult) so i didn't go home, but yea... i
sucked it up and made it thru the day, but now im in a lot
of pain.. im so dumb, lol, oh well, i have an essay to
finish in english so ill update later!!