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2004-02-04 02:57:13 (UTC)

I'm Back Home!!!

yeah it's been a long long time since I last wrote in this
thing....and I feel sooooo soooo bad, cause I told myself
i'd write in here all the time..but yeah i'm not that good
at remembering shit. anyways...yeah I went to Germany and
We stopped in Rome, Italy, I think that was the best part
of the whole trip, god Italy is sooo incredibly beautiful
and old, and all that jazz....and it was great except for
that whole, wallet almost getting stolen thing...but hey
that happens to everyone right? lol j/k ;)

Yeah since i've been back it's been sooo great I never
realised how much I lovvveeddd living here before I went
to Germany...God, i'm telling you people's never ever go
to Germany, this country has absolutely nothing cool in
it!!! But definately go to Italy it's awesome.......

Well i'm back in Classes and I really do hate college but
I got a little over a year left so I should stop
bitching....wink wink...yeah I went out with my girlies
this weekend, me, tree, and Jess went out to La Saint, and
since I was DD, I didnt have the best time, I think when
your sober you realise how not fun that place is, but who
am I to talk I think singing karaoke for hours is where
the real party is at! lol, yeah i'm a loser, but we did
have some fun for the most part, jess got drunk it was
pretty funny, she's such a spunky drunk, yeah tree said
she got drunk but i just didnt see it, I think she just
talks a lot whether she's had 1 drink or 20, that's her
drunk personality ;)....

Yeah I'm still not talking to that chick that used to be
my friend, but for the longest time, I havent even thought
about it, goddamn i wish i hadnt thought about it
now...but I do feel a lot better about myself now, I kinda
had a little adventure in Italy and It was one of those
girlhood fantasies i've always had, It was sooo much
better than I thought it would be, I just wish I could
have gone to Venice, and rode on a godala, like all
romantic and shit, but we'll see if that happens in the
future, maybe my studmuffin will want to go back
sometime...well i'm signing off for the night.....talk to
you peoples

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