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2004-02-03 23:27:35 (UTC)


"I was, " he said. "I was"
he loves politics and red neckties
reminding us of how men love to speak of the things they
once were.
and you, you are.
and you are gone.
I once dreamed of you and you were wearing a taupe colored toga
and you were living under a tent with soft overhead lighting
under it was a group that believed, and you believed
You were mad at me because I cried when you were were gone
I was angry as they lied
Men like to raise themselves up
They do this with puppet strings or by grabbing hold of your
And you sat far below unable to move
with your hands tied
Oh I am so mad at you for letting the sun shine that day
when all I wanted was to sit in the rain eating cucumber
sandwiches in my best dress that would soon become my worst
red flowers-my mother was ashamed of them that day
but it was all I had so it would have to do
I heard in a dream once that you drove a gondola through Venice
and you wore a red striped shirt
you sang and men would clap and women would blush holding
red flowers being unashamed
my mother shook her head
He rides through the streets now like in a story.
He never says "I was"
Simply because he is.

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