Ashley's thoughts
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2004-02-03 22:54:09 (UTC)

long week : (

I'm really excited about taking a tumbling class with meg
and katie smith! We r all gonna get our
backhandsprings and do them down the halls so WATCH UR
BACK! (jk) Anywho, we really r and i cant wait until
nationals! we sooo better go, or at least go to another
competition. If we all get tumbling, and go to another
competition, I have a VERY good feeling that we could very
well get 1st! That would be really awesome!

-My week coming up-
Today (Tuesday)~school, soccer game
Wednesday~school, competition cheer meeting, then cheering
at boys bball tourney game
Thursday~Late Start Day!, school, then TUMBLING CLASS AT
Friday~well, idk yet but i will make plans so i dont have
to stay at home with my GAY family! maybe movies or sumthin
ring me up or wutever if u want to go!