Jessi Lynn

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2004-02-03 21:27:48 (UTC)

Happy Birthday To Me :(

so this entry is gonna be pretty long so bear wit me...ok
so the whole story begins wit Geryl (lauren's mom) goin to
the dominican republic on friday..lauren decided that she
would have a party at her house even tho i told her that
her mom changed the locks...she didnt believe me til she
tried her key and it didnt i had still planned
to go party wit laur kier erin katey and barb on friday
and on saturday wit chrissy n drea..well the firday thing
turned into a saturday thing cuz katey had work and
couldnt friday nite i chilled wit drea and
chrissy..we played in the snow and then watched super
troopers which isnt that ya on saturday i went
to the mall wit chrissy drea and bryan to buy clothes to
party in at nite..the whole day cheryl kept textin me
sayin how laur was really upset i wasnt goin to her party
and she really wanted me to go and stuf...later that nite
lauren tells me the party is now at her friend josh's
house which is a lot of fun and she is like pleading me to
go and she wants drea and chrissy to go i asked
chrissy and shes like its ur birthday wherever u wanna go
ill go then i asked drea and shes all like i dont
wanna go ill feel uncomforatable and all and then she
comes out sayin...i dont like lauren newayz...omg i was
sooooooo pissed!!! ya i decide that im goin to
laurens cuz drea made us hang out wit her friends from hs
and they ignored us the weekend b4 but she couldnt hang
out wit my i told her we were goin and she put
her pajamas on and layed in bed sayin just go i know u
wanted to go i was like whatever shes mad abut
it she should just come we finished gettin ready
and were leavin and she goes "thanks a lot guys" i was
like omg shes fukin gonna ruin my birthday becasue shes
actin like shes in we went to cheryls and every1
was still gettin ready when the nite got worse...josh's
mom went to the hospital wit food poisoining...every1 was
realllly upset and we didnt kno what to do...i called drea
to ask where she was..not cuz i wanted to go meet up wit
her..but b/c i didnt wanna see her if we went to a
party...ohh and she put "I FUCKING HATE PEOPLE...thanx a
lot i know who my true friends are" in her high ya she hung up on me when i
called!!!i was so and chrissy were the onlee
ones that attempted to go to a party and so we wandered
around for 20 minutes but there was no one throwin :(
since its ya we went bak to cheryls and watcheda
movie and just chilled wit cheryl erin katey and barb...we
had those animals plates and we put them on and made
movies and took pictures=fun fun then we went bak
to hawthorn and drea wasnt there and chrissy came to my
room to sleep...and sadly kellp came bak so i had to sleep
on the floor..well my zebra rug..which wasnt that
bad..then drea went home for the superbowl so me and
chrissy went to the gym..did some hw..then made smores and
watched the super bowl..drea came bak then left then came
bak then left and didnt speak to us at then melis
said she was waiting for us to apologize..chrissy tried to
talk to her at nite and she said that she was mad cuz her
and bryan broke up...not like she told us or nething...and
that same nite i wrote her an im about bein a baby but she
never wrote me bak and shes still not talkin to me and its
frustratin me so much cuz i hate when ppl are mad at me..i
cried myself to sleep the nite b4 my much does
that blow i shouldnt be so upset but i am and i was also
upset cuz i KNEW no ne would send us birthday gifts..i got
errings and a necklace from my parents a few dayz
ago..part of chrissys gift a zebra print steerin wheel
cover and a pciture frame that i already have from
kelly...thats it..we went to Perkins at nite wit kier erin
n laur but still i dunno it makes me so upset...the onlee
thing that made me feel better was gettin phone calls from
all my friends or im's..cept cheryl barnes...i dunno
whatever im in a bad mood again..i think its cuz ive been
here a month already i need to go home for a lil while

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