The Best Damn Diary - PERIOD!
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2004-02-03 20:33:33 (UTC)

My Day Up Til Now

well, let's see, it's 12:40pm....about 3 and a half hours
til my show on KRR airs, and about an hour and some til
killer's airs. I'm HYPED up, everyone i know is gonna be
tuning in to hear how FUCKED UP i sound lol. I mean, i got
my mom, a few friends, HOPEFULLY my dad and stepmom will
tune in...and who the hell says i don't get listeners? lol

I'm so HYPED today, i'm ready to record the next show for
thursday today, but i'm gonna keep it until
tomorrow...since it only takes 2 hours, and i can do it
after my doctor appointment at 4.

Break time...i need coffee lol........(Insert you own
music here lol)

Ok, all back. You wouldn't believe it toomk me 30 mins to
do that. Well, i had to help my mom with spybot...since
she's not "computer litterate". I swear, i could prob'ly
go get microsoft certified with everything i've had to do,
on my computer, my dad's, and mom's and
dan's...and that's long distance for cripes sakes! lol.

Anyways, Tune into KRR for your chance to hear my ass.
They've got options for everything, if you use winamp,
windows media...even the newly added Java player. All 3
streams run on a Cable or Dial-up option...and you won't
lose sound quality! So, check us out online at:

Feedback on my show, as well as Killers KRR playhouse
would be apprecialted in the forums at KRR's site!