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2004-02-03 20:16:12 (UTC)

Damn book...

So my book, the Count of Monte Cristo is due today. I don't
want to read at all. I've exhausted myself with speed
reading, don't want any more for now. 290 pages left. If I
could read each page within 6 seconds, I'd be able to
finish within 3 hours. But for a one line reader like me, I
can only finish withing 5 hours at the earliest, reading 1
page per minute. But I can't read for 5 hours straight, at
the most at that speed I think I can read 2 hours straight.
So I'd have to take a break and get right back at it.

Starting is very hard though. I start making such excuses
for myself. Every time I am to read after taking a brake I
can't get myself to position just right, or my finger hurts
from pointing at the page and moving it around so fast. I
know that kids usually read with their fingers, and not
adults, but it helps me read as fast as I need to.
Otherwise my eyes try doing the multiple line reading, even
the whole page all at once sometimes. When I point it's
like using the eyeQ program, it shows me a challenging
speed that in reality I can do. After all this is finally
settled my speed isn't as fast at first, and I keep pausing
after every chapter. Sometimes I really have to so that
they won't confuse themselves. Especially when there is a
whole different setting.

I wish I could finish it already. Just so I could mark it
as complete in my previous diary page.

Derr... I should be reading now. I love Lucy is on though,
and, ooh, I finally started recording The Alfred Hitchock
Hour. Tonight's episode was The Lonely Hours. Interesting
like the first I saw. No one died. Yey. I guess. It
recorded quite well. No comercials, but a bit of dropped
editing. I guess I could use that word for it.
Nevertheless, it's all good. This will provide interesting
things to view in the future.

But I still don't wanna read.