Best Left Unspoken
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2004-02-03 18:39:48 (UTC)

Scary Story Part 4

Sorry for not saying your name as much as you wanted me to
say it Jenn! Do you really wanna be that famous?
Chapter Four
“No one knew what to do. For a while they all just stood
there. After a while they all knew what they had to do.
They had to get out. They needed to leave the house and
just go home. So they walked in single file to the door.
The order that they walked in was Steven, Mitchell, Beth,
Tiffany, Seth, Ethan, Jennifer, Brittaney, and finally
Sara. They walked to the door and Steven tried turning the
handle but it wouldn’t turn. It was as if the door was
locked but there wasn’t even a lock on it. He turned and
looked at everyone else. ‘You guys, we’re trapped.’ They
all just looked at him as if he were telling a sick a
joke. Ethan walked to the front and tried the door but
still it wouldn’t open. The whole group went into the
living and tried to break one of the windows but it was as
if they were made of a thick sheet of plastic. They were
trapped in the house like rats in a cage,” When Jonathan
told the part about the door he was pretending to turn an
imaginary doorknob and when we was telling us about the
window he acting like we was in an invisible box.
“Everyone just looked at each other and they were all
thinking the same thing ‘We’re going to die.’ They sat
down on the floor in a circle. ‘What are we going to do?’
Ethan asked everyone. ‘Well if we stay in the same place
that’s just like putting up a sign that tells him to come
and kill us.’ Jennifer said. ‘So are you saying that we
should walk around?’ asked Steven. ‘Yeah but this time we
aren’t splitting up into two groups. We’re splitting up
into three.’ Everyone looked at her in disbelief. ‘If we
stay together he can follow us and kill all of us, but’
Jennifer stopped. Everyone knew what she was going to say.
She was going to say ‘But if we split up he can only
follow one group and kill some of us.’ Everyone just sat
there as if to think it over but they all knew that they
were going to have to listen. ‘But then one group won’t
have a flashlight.’ Ethan pointed out. ‘I have another
one.’ Mitchell said. ‘Okay so how are we going to split
these groups up?’ Sara asked. ‘We can do it by names so
that no one fights over who we are going with.’ Jennifer
said. ‘Sara, Seth, and Steven can obviously go in be the
first group.’ Jennifer said then had to think. ‘Brittaney,
Tiffany, and Ethan can go in the second group because they
all have the letters a and n in that order in their names.
That leaves Me, Mitchell, and Beth for the last group.’
Jennifer figured everything out,” Jonathan paused to look
at everyone. He gave everyone a long stare as if there was
something important to say but he was afraid to say it.
“Hey you guys let’s sit in our groups to make the story
better,” Beth said. So everyone got up and sat with their
group from the story. It was starting to really get
“All three of the groups got up and went in separate
directions. The first group stayed downstairs, the second
group went up stairs and the third group went to the
basement. As the second group walked up the stairs
Brittaney was still crying, but it wasn’t as bad as
before. She wasn’t holding her face anymore. ‘Brittaney, I
know that it was pretty bad looking but please hold off
your tears until we don’t you absolutely need you to be
strong. Because right now we do need you to be strong. We
do.’ Tiffany was trying to make Brittaney feel more
wanted. The actions in the other groups were different. In
the first group Seth was trying to convince Sara that
whoever did that was gone. Sara was in pure shock and
terror at the same time. The third group was talking about
how grateful they would be if they could just live through
the night. ‘I would hug and kiss my parents right before I
told them the truth about everything.’ Beth told everyone
in her group,” Jonathan made a hugging motion when he said
“I really would if anything like that really were to
happen. I would also be watching my back like crazy,” Beth
said she was smiling. Nothing like that would ever happen
to them. Right? Let’s hope not.
“I would too. I think everyone in here would. In fact I
think everyone in the world would,” Brittaney said.
“Well, I don’t know if they would be ready for the truth
about everything,” Steven said jokingly.
“Group three somehow got all split up. They were all
standing in the middle of the biggest room in the basement
when they all went into different smaller rooms. They
didn’t even notice no one else followed them. They were
too busy thinking about what could happen and what
probably would happen. When Mitchell heard something from
right behind him it was way past too late. He got out one
little squeak of a scream before it was too late. Jennifer
and Beth both heard it and looked around to find no one
with them. They both ran back to the big room. No
Mitchell. They panicked and looked in the other room.
Their hands were shaking so much that no matter who held
the flashlight, the light shook around the places that
they looked. Then, they saw it. They saw Mitchell’s body
on the floor. Blood everywhere. There was another
footprint. Jennifer and Beth let out a scream. The other
two groups heard it and went to the basement in a dead
sprint,” Jonathan held his face as if to scream then ran
in place, all the time putting fake terror on his face.
“Why me?” Mitchell asked looking around at everyone else.
He was really surprised. He probably was expecting him to
have Beth die.
“Because I felt like it. It just seemed like a good idea.
I dunno don’t ask anymore questions about me part of the
story,” Jonathan said jokingly. He couldn’t help but smile
at the look on Mitchell’s face. No one could.
“Is my turn up?” Jonathan asked. It looked like he really
didn’t want it to be over but it was obvious to everyone
in the room that his turn was over. He was getting into
telling it. Everyone was. They were all entranced by their
own story.
“Who wants to be next?” Beth asked and looked around. “How
about Stevie? He hasn’t told his part of the story. Make
it good.”
“Okay,” He said and smiled as he walked to the middle of
the room. Jonathan handed him the twig and story just
seems to tell itself with people as it’s puppets. What
will they say this time? Let’s all find out.

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