life sucks
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2004-02-03 16:06:38 (UTC)

in comp class 2

im in comp class agian i dont wanna work i did a little
bit of work but w/e...there was a gay rumor going round
school that fagitfina was going to check all the gurls in
8th grades arms for cuts and shit but her isnt doing it
that rocks.....every1 was all nervous i was lyk w/e i dont
kno who started the rumor but it was a really dumb one
they could of thought of sumthing betta then
working on my project this is the first time in a while i
dont wanna do this fucking thing it is so annoying...i am
happy now tho cuz at least i kno that my mom wont kno that
i still cut which is cool cuz i kno she would lyk kill me
she flips out ova everything if she could just calm down
and take it cut as she alwayz sayz u cant stop ur kid from
doing w/e they r going to do wut they r going to do but ne
wayz im going to get off the subject....this project in
comp is so hard i dont wut i am doing it is so difficult i
wish they could make it alot easier...omg in the superbowl
when janet jacksons tit fell out of her shirt and she
didnt try to hide it it wasnt a fashion malfuction it
really wasnt i dont kno but i g2g ttyl buh byez