Best Left Unspoken
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2004-02-03 14:17:25 (UTC)

Scary Story Part 3

Chapter Three

“As the group went up the stairs Sara wasn’t the only
person to be a little paranoid anymore. Jonathan was
starting to feel it too. He could almost sense a pair of
eyes following the group where ever they went. He pulled
Sara back from the rest of the group. He wanted to know
what it was and if she knew. ‘Sara’ he said ‘I’ve got that
same feeling, do you think that we’re just paranoid?’ Sara
looked at him a second and then just shook her
head. ‘There is something following us. I heard it
rustling through the woods beside the road. We’re not
alone Jonathan. You believe me right?’ Sara looked
Jonathan in the eyes. ‘I do believe you Sara. Are we going
to die?’ Jonathan asked her. ‘I don’t know. I just don’t
want to be here.’ Sara looked terrified. They both were
still standing on the steps when the realized that the
rest of the group had left them there. They started to jog
up the stairs to find the rest of group but they didn’t
see or hear anything. It was too dark to see them because
Seth had the flashlight,” Beth looked around. She was one
of the first to really make our story characters talk to
each other that much and she had just begun.
“Jonathan and Sara were looking in every room for the rest
of their group and didn’t see anyone, so they went back
down the steps to find the other group. ‘Jonathan’ Sara
looked at him in the dark ‘I think that we should split up
and try to find them. It will be easier that way.’ She
looked around as if she heard something then looked back
at him. ‘Okay, but if you don’t find anyone meet me back
here in five minutes. In fact come back in five minutes
even if you find one of the groups that way we will all be
back together.’ Jonathan started to turn away. ‘Wait, make
sure you use all your senses so that you don’t walk right
into whatever followed us.’ Sara said then walked down the
dark, dusty hallway,” Beth was looking around with wide
eyes as if to look for someone in the dark.
“You guys,” Brittaney said, “I really have to go to the
bathroom. I mean really bad. Will someone come with me to
find somewhere to go?”
“How about all of the girls go, and when we get back we
can finish the story,” Beth suggested.
“We can’t just leave they guys in the dark there is only
one flashlight. This is an old abandoned farm house. We
don’t know what would happen,” Sara had to stand to this
because the thought of anyone sitting in the dark here and
her having that feeling.
“Yeah, Sara’s right. Anyway the boys can just stand not
watch,” Brittaney said.
“What do you guys think?” Tiffany asked the guys. They all
just looked at each other and got up to follow us.
So the entire group went through the house to see if the
house was new enough to have a bathroom. They didn’t find
anything so they went outside.
“You guys I suddenly don’t have to go. I can hold it until
tomorrow. Really,” Brittaney said after Tiffany jokingly
motioned for her to use the weeds. So they all just went
back into the house to finish their story.

Beth went back to the center of the living room and
cleared her throat. “In a matter of minutes Sara found the
second group and told them what happened. She told them
about how they needed to go back to see if Jonathan had
found anyone else. They all walked back the place where
her and Jonathan were supposed to meet. They waited for
almost fifteen minutes and he never showed up. ‘Maybe he
got lost. I think we should go look for him.’ Sara looked
worried but kept a determined voice. They looked all
around that place and even went upstairs. When went
upstairs they found Seth, Brittaney, and Tiffany. All
three of them looked a little worried as they walked
through the hall. The groups rejoined. ‘Did you guys find
Sara and Jonathan?’ Seth asked when they came
closer. ‘Sara found us but we were hoping you guys found
Jonathan.’ Ethan told him. ‘We better look for him.’
Tiffany said. ‘Okay we’ll split back up into the groups
and look for him meet back here in ten minutes.’ Mitchell
said. They all nodded and split back up. Sara went with
Tiffany, Brittaney, and Seth. They searched the upstairs
again. The other group went back downstairs. About seven
minutes later the first group heard the loudest and most
terrified scream from just below them. They ran down the
stairs to see what was wrong. When they got to the bottom
of the stairs they turned right and walked into the big
bedroom again. There the other was standing in the
doorway, their faces were ghost white. ‘What’s wrong?’
Tiffany asked when they got to the doorway. But that
question answered itself. There was Jonathan on the floor
of the bedroom almost all the way beheaded,” Beth said
almost a little bit louder than everything else.
“There was blood all over the floor, as if Jonathan had
been bleeding and crawling around for a few seconds before
he died. In his blood there was one single footprint that
looked familiar to everyone there. It was the same kind of
shoe and the same size that they saw leaving the car wreck
a little more than an hour before. When Brittaney saw him
she instantly started crying into her hands. Sara and
Jennifer were just standing there wide eyed as if they
knew it was going to happen but didn’t believe it. Steven
and Mitchell weren’t even looking anymore. Ethan and Seth
were arguing about something. Beth and Tiffany were
looking at their feet,” Beth told more of the story. When
she said Brittaney was crying she put her hands to her
face, when she said Sara and Jennifer were wide eyed she
got really wide eyes, when she Steven and Mitchell weren’t
looking anymore she turned away, when she said Seth and
Ethan were arguing she put up her hands in defense, and
she looked down when she said that her and Tiffany were
looking at their feet.
“Why did I have to die? Couldn’t it have been Sara?”
Jonathan looked at her. When she was describing it he just
looked as if he were looking at the dead body himself. His
eyes got really big as if he were surprised.
“No, it had to be you because you were the reason that you
and Sara got lost,” Beth told him. It looked as if she
were trying to come up with and excuse.
“Who wants to be next? Beth left everyone with a good
place to start,” Brittaney pointed out to everyone.
“I want to be next,” Jonathan said and stood up to take
his turn. He went to the middle of the room and Beth gave
him the twig. Here we go again.

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