Karen & Austin~edd=11-15-01
2001-10-09 07:44:19 (UTC)

My Day

My dog Tipsers licked my feet while I was sleeping.I got so
pissed off about it.I dont like hurting poor little animals
so I picked her up and started petting and talking to her.A
few miniutes later she woke me up with her barking.She
doesnt understand that my belly moves invoulentarey so when
the baby kicks she thinks Im playing with her.It can be cute
when my tummy bumps and she nudges it back over and over.Its
so silly and unpredictable to watch.
My bf didnt call me today.I dont know why I find that more
grr.. than if he would have called.I want him to check if Im
alive or not every now and then.Women,you cant ever begin to
understand them,even if you are one.
The kids were ok today.When they came in we did their
homework together.Stephanie colored her Gg's purple but she
wanted to watch Wayners more than she wanted to do her own
homework.Thats whats wrong with Stephanie.She's so smart if
she's interested in something.Wayners homework was to write
opposites useing the word bank.He writes so sloppy that his
O looks like a C or a U.Stephanie started to cry so she
could write too.I got mad about that so in cursive I wrote
"Stephanie is stupid."and told her to tell me when she could
read it.You know,that five year old smart ass barged into
the bathroom on me and started yelling"That's not nice
Karen!"Wayne wouldnt tell her so she wrote it for herslef
and erased the connected lines.It would have been funny if I
wasnt trieing to pee at the time.Then I fixed them some
cereal with milk and had some trouble keeping the spills in
the kitchen.They were ok about eating in the kitchen.I told
them if the TV went up too high Id turn it off.Whats too
loud?If I think its too loud I'll just turn it all off.That
At about 6p my mom took over and I slept.Its not easy to
sleep when their walking shakes the couch.Ive slept on the
couch through my whole pregnancy.Its a warm place to watch
everyone without wakeing up unles you have to.