16 years old and lost in life?
2004-02-03 07:02:28 (UTC)


I just wrote in here...not to long ago about you...and how
you don't talk to me anymore....how you use to say you
love me and not even mean it...even if just in the talk of
telling me you love me as a friend. What i've been asking
of you for a little while now.
Then all of a sudden it changes like something dawns on
you ...to outta the blue talk to me about everything, who
you like who you dont like where you wanna go to college
tons of things...including you saying no matter what you
will alwyas love me....
Knowing you would say that brings a huuge smile to my
face...I've never been more happy.
It's also really weird because i said i didnt' care you
could do anything with my best friend and it wouldn't
bother me...20 minutes after writing that you tell her you
don't like her anymore! whats going on....
Did everything i write turn good and bad for a reason? or
change for a reason??
everything is sooo weird...
why did that happen??
its like de ja vu
feed back please