penguin requiem

Info for HaxyEmpty is not available
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2004-02-03 05:48:42 (UTC)


Well to begin i want to introduce myself as Penguin requiem
creater of this diary. Next,i would like to discribe the
title of my diary and purpose for its being.
"Buddy Info for HaxyEmpty is not availabl" which is
now "Info for HaxyEmpty is not available".The reason for
this is because the E in available didn't fit so i had to
delete Buddy in exchange to main-tain the E in available.
Anyways, I IMed this intellectual with "Im g0nNa kiCk u"
(one of my most used screen names) for the purpose being
that with so, HaxyEmpty is available. However, this quite
intellectual wasn't there or had just sign off and for that
matter my diary title was created with the users computer
massage. Overall, for that reason my futile requests for
information were unanswered,and unavailing.

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