16 years old and lost in life?
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2004-02-03 04:58:18 (UTC)

Have u ever?

Have you ever had a guy tell you he loved you and not mean
it? I don't know what happened...I thought it was
something so meant to be..but i was once again proven
wrong...It went from something so right to speaking 20
words....I didn't do anything, and you didn't do
anything? SO why did you stop talking to me? YOu know I
love you, and I care about you so much, I cry at night
knowing are friendship is broken up....What did i do to
make you hate me...All i ever tried to do was make you
laugh, and not worry about any pain that you might have
deep inside!
We use to laugh....We use to joke, we even use to talk for
hours at a time...I'm so confused on why it had to
change. Is it because my best friend butted in and
started liking yoU?? I dont care about that really not
anymore, im over it...I jsut want you back as my friend,
right now i care about ntohing else....Why can't you
understand that???? We can hang out at all times and you
can **** her if you want ...I jsut want you back in my
life jsut to be a part of it....I want to go to college
with you, i want you to be the one i can call when im in
dyer need of a talk....Or someone to cheer me up and mkae
me laugh...You use to be that person ....but now when i
takl to you i'm depressed just by the way you respond to
things i ask you.....Everytime I look at you, there's
something about you I don't see in anybody else...
Your eyes are beautiful your smile makes my day..your
laughter brings tears of joy to by heart.....There is
nothing I could ever find wrong about you
I jsut want to know why you can't anymore find nothing
wrong about me?"