champagne supernova
2004-02-03 04:23:58 (UTC)


what do you do when the only person who has ever been a
father to you is going to die of cancer in less then a
year, what do you do when your grandpa is in a hospital bed
with an oxygen mask strapped to his face because his
empysima has finally failed his lungs and he cant breathe,
what do you do when your real father is dead broke with a
cheating wife, three kids, and no job and has a crying
child who is hungry and is forced to go to into a grocery
store to steal lunch meat to feed his child? what do you do
when your mother looses her job and now you have no means
of income? what do you do when the love of your life is
diagnosed with clinical depression,constantly lies to you
and is going nowhere in his life? what do you do when you
feel the world falling in on you,like your drowning and no
body can hear you scream or understand what it feels like
to not breathe.....what do you do???

you prey.