2004-02-03 04:15:14 (UTC)

another day

well today was alright long but alright i had to be at
school at 8 and didnt get to come home until 11 pm it was
crazy 15 hours of shit!!!!! lol but it was kinda weird
because i saw the guy that i like kissed when i was trashed
i guess lol and it took me a minute to realize who he was
but then it was pretty cool cause he's kinda cute... but i
have found that i am oddly attracked to guys like yeah i
love my b/f but hes gotta go sometime i mean yeah i would
marry in but not right now i need to live my life crazy for
awhile at some point in time but i mean other then don i
have found myself weirdly attracked to someone else... and
i dont really know y i am but i am and its kinda weird but
im just gonna leave it at that because i dont feel like
making my world any more complicated with that whole thing
right now.... but anyways im out again ttyl love ya guys
peace and sweet dreams
to want somethign so badly and know ur the only one keeping
u from it kills u from the inside out
~now if only i could follow that :o)