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2004-02-03 04:00:23 (UTC)

my bad news of the weekend

MM k, i had bad news this weekend but i didn't wanna put it
in my other entry because the other entry is HAPPY :) yea..
but here it goes.. on saturday i got to talking to my dad
about our apartment and our house situation and how the law
suit is going and stuff bc my parents kind of leave me out
on the issue. and i asked when we would start building
another house and my dad said something along the nature of
soon bc it takes 6 months to build a house and he doesn't
want to be in the apartment any longer bc paying for it is
like getting ass raped. and i just HAD to ask where we
would build bc i really want to move back into triple
crown. i like it back there, i could even pick up another
steady babysitting job or something, never know. ya but my
dad said we wouldn't be moving back there because they now
have an assocation fee that is ridiculous, so moving back
there is NOT an option. so since TC is ruled out, i asked
where else we could move. and my dad was like "well, where
would you like to move" and i said somewhere in the
florence area but my dad just laughed at me and said that
he wouldn't be able to find a lot in florence that he would
like. he wants some land, but for it to be wooded. so of
course, Flo-town is out of the picture. so, i was sick of
giving my opinion to my dad when eveyrthing i said got shot
down, so i was like well dad, where the hell would you like
to live? and he was like "well, do you miss ohio at all"
WHHHHAT THE SHIT! he was like "i have an hour commute every
morning to work, and i want to change that" (my dad works
in tri county) and i was like "well dad, its going to be my
SENIOR year in HIGH SCHOOL i dont really want to pick up
and go to a new state, yea i am considering changing high
schools anyway, but not going somewhere where i dont know a
single person. taht idea doesn't really appeal to me" and
then he was like "well, you could drive back here for
school" what the hell is the point of that, we move to ohio
so he doesn't have a long commute but i would? bull shit,
im not going to get up at 4:30 so i can fucking leave for
school at 6, kiss my fucking ass, ill be 18, ill move out.
so i dont know what to do, i dropped the subject bc i got
all pissed off bc i couldn't even imagine my parents would
do that to me. fuckers... but nothing is set in stone yet,
hell we could move to texas, california, nebraska, or hell,
mexico, (ha) shit we could end up living in this fucking
apartment for the rest of our lives if my parents dont get
their shit together... oh well, i hope nothing happens, or
at least i hope i have a big say in it. PLUS i already
informed my parents that whatever house we build, the
basement is going to be finished and going to be
my "apartment" and im going to have a door at the top of
the steps that locks and a door to get in like on the patio
or something bc ill be an adult and ill need my privacy.
(in other words.. party! ha, jk) but yea.. i think that
about wraps up that issue, if any i get any news, ill be
sure to bitch about it, oops, i mean write about it, lol,
on here...

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