You Can't Go Home Again
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2004-02-03 03:17:49 (UTC)

And I ran, I ran so far away..... Part I

It was around 6-7 o'clock, saterday evening. Got home from
church, the whole family did. A pleasent trip home, my da d
and I in one car. I told him I imagined the christian god
to be a lot like Jim Morrison. It seemem to make sense. He
laughed. All was good.
We got home. He started talking to my sister and I, a
lecture of sorts. It was more directed at me, and long
story short I had to be in bed at 10 o'clock that night.
Well that wasn't about to happen, tonight was my night to
get lost. Lost with her, with the music she kept saying she
really liked, the music I provided. The car she provided.
The love we provided symbiotically. She didn't even get off
work untill 9, there was no way I'de be able to get my fix
of her. I considered sneaking out at 10, but I knew I
wouldn't be any good at that. So instead, I argued. I
questioned his liking for me. I told him to let me go. I
told him I could provide for myself. I told him to give me
50 bucks and I'de be set for a month. I told him I didn't
even need 50 bucks. "What's stopping me from leaving right
now? I don't know. I'll see you later. If Sarah calls tell
her I'm walking." I grabbed my sweatshirt, coat and a
beanie hat thing, and walked out the door. I knew it was
cold outside. I was about halfway down the back of the lawn
when my mom poked her head outside of the garage and
said "Get back here right now, or You'll be in big
trouble." How threatening. "I'm my own person, mom." I
stated. It was true, too. "I know, but I'm still the
boss". What does that change? "If you're my boss, then I
quit." I turned around and started walking towards the
creek in th eback of my house. I quickly made my way over
the creek, and kept walking. I could walk to Donato's,
where she worked. But I would have to take the death road.
Paragon. Nah. I don't wanna get raped tonight. So I found a
psuedo woods on the far outskirts of my neighborhood. There
were some hay barrols there. I layed my head down and
looiked up at the stars. Beautiful. A plane flew directly
under the moon. I was great.
After an hour or two, I made my way home. Rang the
doorbell. my sister answered. "It's Garrett." My mom made
her way to the door, a bit quicker than a walk. She was
glad to see me. Apparently she had been in tears. Left a
message on Sarah's cellphone while I was gone, barely
audible, called her hosue and told her brother that If he
saw me to have me give my mother a call. She was worried
about me. My dad, on the other hand, wasn't.

But right now I have to go to bed, I will continue
this entry later.

1144 out.

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