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2004-02-03 02:34:12 (UTC)

The coolest weekend in a while!

wow... fun times this week... mm k, thursday nite ends w/
brett and i fighting for the 50th time so far this year. we
aren't friends anymore and yadda yadda. this isn't new news
to me, so oh well. friday... SNOW DAY sweet ass... having
school 1 day that week was freaking amazing! ya so anyway,
i think i slept til 3 that day, and i woke up and lounged
around my house bc my mom was at work so i could do jack
shit. so around 4 i start getting ready for PHILS concert
that nite. we leave around 5 or something and i drove up
em, jake and kyle. wow fun times. we get there, some scary
band is playing... like, the actual music was really good,
but the dude singing just yelled and it kinda scared me, so
i just watched all the guys play pool, lol, it was fun. so
anyway, PHIL gets on, and it was awesome! i was right by
the speaker thou, so im now deaf in my right ear. it was
really cool to see a few of my friends up on stage, esp.
because of the fact they are freakin awesome! then these
dudes from boone started a mosh pit, holy shit, thats some
scary shit, so i just watched them kill each other. ya...
so PHIL is done playing and we stay for rally six and then
we leave. we all head to ruby tuesdays, but me, em, jake,
kyle, noah and this pj kid decided to leave bc we were all
broke as shit. we head back to florence to eat at BW3's..
fun shit, they whole freakin way home i was yelled at kyle
bc he doesn't approve of the way i drive, whatever, i dont
care. yea.. so we get to B'dubs and we had fun.. the guys
at buffalo wings (which is ACTUALLY chicken! lol) and it
was funny stuff. after we left there, pj and i raced... i
bet his ass... ohhhhh yea! im awesome! lol, then this dude
pulled up besides my car and waved his hand to get me to
follow him to the xpress way to race and jake thought he
flicked me off so he like unbuckled and rolled down his
window pretty much pulled himself to look over my car and
yell at the guy, it was HILARIOUS!!! ohhh yea one more
thing at b'dubs and in the car, the guys thought it would
be funny to play the penis game... this consists of them
competiting to see who can say penis the loudest... wow,
thats a LITTLE on the embaressing side... anyway, we drop
kyle off and noah off and pj rides in my car after all
this. josh gets a hold of us and we met up with him...
there is this new tunnel out by the airport and it would be
a freaking amazing spot to race, but pj said you get your
car taken away if you get caught -- not a good idea! lol
so we didn't and we just drove around, trying to find a
parking lot to screw around in... they all had snow that
was WAY too deep for my satty and josh's cavalier so we
decided just to drive and shit... yea, it was fun, i got
home around 2... fun shit!! except i had to get up at 7 for
a haircut, lol NO fun.. and saturday i went sled riding!
with kyle jake and carlos, well carlos and i didn't sled bc
we were too cold. then after that... we "job searched" my
ass, lol we filled out 1 application then went back to
kyles to get a pizza. and after the pizza i forgot what we
did... i think we just hung out... WAIT no i remeber... all
the guys wrestled and it got WAY out of hand... i got
really freaked out bc tempers were flaring... it wasn't
pretty. but yea.. then sunday i had to work (it was my one
day of the week, lol) and after work, me, emily, jake and
carlos went to kyles to watch the superbowl. jake left
about 2 min bc emily and i annoyed him, oh well, tough
shit, it was his lost because we had so much fun! lol after
josh got off work, he came to kyles and the chaos
continued!! carlos stole me and em's cameras so we tickled
him to try and get it back and it was soo funny because he
was like "your so gay... hehehehehe stop it heheheh your
gay" and he was giggling like a little girl "you shut up
and go outside". and then, me and em were trying to get
them back but we were overpowered by these football players
that we hang out with, it was hilarious!! i think kyle got
introuble bc we were so loud but oh well, i think it was
emilys and i's giggling well, carlos did a hell of a lot
giggling too, but ya know! ya so anyway, thats all folks! i
thought i provided a nice summary of my awesome weekend!
but im gonna get back to my new music... fun times!