a girl in a world of loneliness

the one no one knows about
2004-02-03 01:43:24 (UTC)

Nothing as great as...

When my eyes fell on you
My face spread out into a smile
And I knew at that moment
I was right to keep you.
When you were in my arms,
I cried happy tears.
My heart was filled with joy,
My soul, with everything good.
It didn't matter that I was only 16.
It was love at first sight.
Before you, my life was planned out.
I knew nothing of what was going to happen.
I still don't know the future.
All I know is I have you
And you're perfect.
Nothing in my life has been as great
As having you in my arms
For the first day.
Nothing has been as great
As watching you take your first step
Into this world.
Nothing has been as great
As hearing you call for me
When you have bad dreams.
It's the greatest pleasure
Knowing no love could compare
To what we have together.
No other life could be greater
Than this life with you.
The best moment in my life
Was the moment you ran to me
And gave me a giant hug.
The words you said were,
"I love you mom."