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2004-02-03 00:53:11 (UTC)

To Die for Love ((its a poem))

To Die for Love
My reflection at every angle is all I see
Somehow I hate the person staring back at me...
I want to put my fist through my reflection
My consience tells me to stop but I've lost the connection

All the little pieces fall to the floor...
Falling on my arms and I can't take it anymore
Drops of blood and tears on my reflection- shattered
Shards of mirror in my knees as I fall-
Your love was all that mattered...

Why can't I feel the pain?!
Blood drips out of me like rain
I stagger ourside and fall in the snow
Take a deep breath, close my eyes and let go...

Awakening to a bright white light
Numb to all that occured that night
The wounds have healed, yet still
All the scars remind me it was real...
(c) Steph Dodson

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