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2004-02-03 00:25:41 (UTC)

26 days to get up to 65 pushups

Well we are officially going to the Superbowl Competition.
It's on 28 Feb. which means I have exactly 26 days to get
my pushup number up to 65. Captain says that he thinks this
is my time to shine. He thinks this is my competition to
smoke everyone in pushups. He says I have the best i just have to get the best numbers. I actually
think i can do it. I just have to work hard for the next 26

I got a card from Adam today. I love him so much. it was
the sweetest thing he's ever given me. besides my ring. ring is getting sized right now so i won't get it
back until 11 Feb. All day i've been freaking out thinking
that i lost my ring. i've been going crazy...i feel
completely naked without my ring. i want my ring back. i
love Adam so much. now i'm going to go take a shower and
then read my book for English (Rebecca) until my Adam

11 days until our one year anniversary!!! (Valentine's day)

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