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2004-02-02 23:08:19 (UTC)

Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Masters (6,481 wds)

Duel Masters
A Yugi-Oh Erotic Fanfic
D'Arc Tangent

“Dark Magician, Dark Magic Attack!” the young man shouted,
and a beam of dark energy flew from the holographic image
before him, shattering the monster on the playing field.
As the monster disappeared, the counter next to his
opponent rolled down to zero, and the game was over. The
young man descended to the floor and the young woman
watching him ran to throw her arms around his neck.

“Yugi!” she shouted, you were great.
“Yeah, buddy,” a blonde kid said, slapping him on the
back. The kid smiled, no longer looking like the confident
game master who just defeated yet another opponent, but
more like the teenager he was.

Tristan congratulated him as well, and the tall kid in the
beret joined in with Mi and Serenity to congratulate yet
another incredible victory. The game was pivotal, and the
hotel they stayed at that was hosting the duel was
incredible, and the whole gang, Joey, the young blonde man
with a chip on his shoulder, and his sister, Serenity, the
youngest, and least experienced gamer. Tristan, Joey’s
lifelong pal, and Téa, who had been with them since their
early dueling days and finally, Mi, the cocky, self-
assured, arrogant female duelist who had always been the
foil for Joey, all hung together like a family, despite
three of them, Mi, Joey, and Yugi, always having to battle
each other.

As they walked down the hall to their rooms, Duke Devlin
joined them. The owner of the new game store in town
started out as an enemy, but soon found this group, and
Serenity in particular, to be interesting, and quickly
became fast friends.

“Yugi,” he called out as he joined the group, “Great game
man. I thought he had you there for a moment.”

“Never underestimate Yugi when it comes to crunch.” Joey
said, “He always manages to pull something new out of

“Thank you Duke,” Yugi said, as he stopped by the door to
his room, “but it is late, and I need to rest for
tomorrow’s match, I’ll catch you guys in the morning?”

“Sure lil buddy,” Tristan said, as he slapped Yugi on the
back, “Tomorrow then, let’s go guys.”

“I’ll catch up with you in a minute,” Téa said, “I wanna
talk to Yugi for a bit.” And she slid into the room with
her friend.

“What do you want to talk to me about, Téa?” Yugi said as
the door closed behind them.

“Actually, it was more the spirit of the millennium puzzle,
Yammi, that I wanted to talk to, if that is alright?”

“Sure Téa, that shouldn’t be a problem.” And soon the
boyish figure was replaced with the self-assured figure of
Yammi, the spirit of the puzzle. “You wanted to speak to
me Téa?” The man said.

“Well,” Téa said, looking coyly at the young man, “Speaking
wasn’t what I really had in mind.” As she began to undo the
buttons on her blouse.

“What are you doing Téa?” The spirit asked.

“I know you have been locked in the puzzle for 5,000 years,
but surely you remember what this is?” as her top dropped
to the floor, and Yammi got to see her two beautifully
round breasts framed in the lacey bra. She took his hands
and placed them on her breasts, “I want you to remember
what is was like to be Pharaoh, to be a man.”

Yammi could feel the heat of her flesh under his fingers,
and almost on their own, they began to caress her breasts.
Slowly they played over the lace as Téa reached behind her
and undid the clasp, allowing the bra to come off in his
hands. Téa then moved close to him, kissing Yammi hard on
the mouth as she slipped his jacket off, then slowly began
to unbutton his shirt. As her fingers played across his
chest, Yammi slid his hands down Téa’s back to the edge of
her skirt, undid the button and pulled the zipper down,
allowing the skirt to fall to the floor.

Joey stopped outside his room, said goodbye to his sister,
who proceeded around the corner with Tristan and Duke
Devlin, and chatted a little longer with Mi.

“So, Mi,” Joey started, “Who are you fighting tomorrow?”

“I’m up against Weevil tomorrow. Should be an easy win.”

“No doubt. I played him twice now, and he always draws up

“Joey, since you have played him before, can I come in and
get some pointers from you?”

“Sure Mi, I’d love to help you out.” And the two of them
entered the spacious room assigned to the top ranking
duelists. Joey moved over to the table in the corner as Mi
closed and locked the door behind her. She walked across
the room to where Joey was sitting at the table, and spun
his swivel chair around to face her. Mi placed one booted
foot on the edge of the chair between Joey’s legs, and
looked into his eyes.

“Uh, Mi, I thought you wanted some pointers.”

“Actually, Joey, I was thinking of giving YOU some
pointers.” And she pulled the lace in the front of her
blouse, opening her top and revealing a pair of large,
round breasts.

“What are you doing Mi?” Joey shouted even as she took his
wrist and slid his hand up under her skirt.

“C’mon Joey, go for it. Its not like anyone else is going
to give you this.” And she could feel his fingers entering
her wet pussy. “C’mon Joey, I know you want it.”

Joey pulled away from Mi, fighting to get enough clearance
to stand up as Mi moved forward to close the distance.
Joey fell out of the chair, and lay on the floor as Mi
dropped to her knees, straddling the young duelist. “Are
you trying to tell me you do not want any of this?” Mi
said, lifting her skirt up to show her well coiffed blonde
bush just inches away from Joey’s face. Joey reached up to
the glistening hairs, rubbing his thumb along the crack,
feeling the hot, wet juice slide under his fingers.
Suddenly he pulled his hands free, and pushed Mi off him.

“No way am I your little toy Mi. Joey Wheeler is no one’s
pet.” And he stormed out of the room.

To say Mi was miffed would have been an understatement. Mi
got to her feet, grabbed her blouse, and slipped it on, not
even bothering to lace it up as she stormed out of the room
as well. Down the hall was a lunchroom, and Mi felt the
need for a cup of tea.

The two guys walked Serenity to her room, and stopped at
her door to say good night. They kept the idle chatter
going, neither Tristan nor Duke wanting to leave Serenity
when finally she said, “Good Night boys.” and slowly backed
into her room. She slowly closed the door, watching the
hallway as she did, and less than a minute later, opened
the door slightly, looking down the hall she could see
Tristan just rounding the corner to his room.

“Tristan.” She called out softly, and he stopped, looking
behind him, he saw Serenity looking out her door. He
looked down the hallway, and saw Duke entering his room,
then backed up around the corner, turned, and almost ran
towards Serenity’s door.

“What is it Serenity?” he called softly as he approached
the door. Serenity just grabbed his jacket collar and
pulled him into the room. She shut the door behind them,
dropped to her knees and began to undo Tristan’s belt.

“Whoa, Serenity,” he called, looking down to her, “What are
you doing?”

By now, Serenity had his pants undone and pulled down,
exposing his excited penis. She took his cock in her
hands, massaging it, licking it, taking it in her mouth as
Tristan was shocked by the sudden aggressiveness of this
demure little woman, but his desire for this to happen was
evident in the fact that he came so quickly, and Serenity
just swallowed him whole.

“Christ Serenity, what is wrong with you?” he gasped as he
backed away from her, doing up his pants. Serenity rose to
her feet, crying, and ran out of the room and down the hall.

Yammi grabbed Téa’s ass, his long thin fingers digging into
her flesh as she pulled at the buckle at his waist. Yammi
stepped out of his pants as they slid to his ankles, then
kneeled before Téa and lifted one foot, removed her shoe,
then reached up to roll down the stocking, feeling every
inch of her thigh, her calf, all the way down until he took
the stocking off completely, then, as slowly, as
methodically as before, he removed the other show and
stocking. Yammi followed the sensuous lines of Téa’s legs
back up to the tight little panties she wore, and slid his
fingers into the waist on either side of her hips, pulling
them down over her beautifully round cheeks, allowing the
short dark hairs of her pussy to flicker when exposed, and
as he slid them down to her ankles, Téa braced herself on
his shoulders as she slid her feet out of the panties even
as Yammi’s tongue explored her clit.

Serenity ran down the hallway of the hotel, tears in her
eyes, and as she rounded the corner, bumped into Duke

“Hey Serenity, what’s wrong?”

“Oh Duke,” she cried, falling into his arms, “I am such a
little baby. No wonder no man wants me.”

“What are you talking about Serenity?” Duke said, putting
his arm around her shoulder. “Come on in here,” he said,
opening the door to his room, “and tell me what’s the

As the door closed behind them, Serenity continued her soft
sobbing as Duke poured them both something to drink.
Serenity plopped herself into a chair, cupping the glass in
her hands as Duke asked her why she thinks no one wanted

“Look at me.” She said, standing up, and turning slowly to
show herself. I probably look like a little boy.”

“Well, it is hard to see the real you under that old-school
uniform.” He said, “Why don’t you open up a little.”

Serenity began to undo the buttons on her Nehru jacket. As
each one opened, Duke’s attention was transfixed on this
shy young woman. As the last button came free, Serenity
pulled it back, off her shoulders, and let the jacket fall
to the ground. Duke looked at the young woman, now dressed
in shorts, stockings and a bra. “I do not see a little
boy, Serenity,” he complimented, “I see a very beautiful
woman.” And he stood, and approached her slowly. He put
his hands on her shoulders, gripping her strongly,
assuring, before he began to slide the bra straps off her
shoulders. As he pert little breasts became exposed,
Duke’s thumbs slid across them, causing almost immediate
erection of the little pink nipples before he moved his
hands to her back to undo the clasp.

Duke pulled the bra from her, and stood back slightly to
gaze at the half naked woman. “You are truly a beautiful
woman Serenity.” He said, “Let me see all of you.”

Serenity began to quickly pull down her shorts when Duke
said “Stop.” Serenity pulled them back up, looking at the
young man. “Slower. I want to see you. I want to watch
the way you move.”

Serenity slowly pulled her pants down, bending her knees so
she could continue to watch Duke’s face. Duke was
obviously aroused by this, and that made Serenity aroused
as well. She stepped out of her shorts, and ran her hands
up along her legs as she stood, then when her hands reached
her waist, she slowly turned her back to Duke, and slipping
her thumbs under the waist of her panties, she pulled them
down, bending at the waist, as the panties slipped over the
cheeks of her ass, and slid down her legs. As she began to
step out of the lacey underwear, she turned back to face
the young man, and he could see the beautiful, soft, brown
down nestled between her legs.

“No one can EVER mistake you for a boy.” Duke said.

“Oh?” she said, rather coquettishly. “and what exactly
distinguished me from…say, you?” and a most sly grin played
across her face.

“Well,” Duke said, standing and undoing his belt, “You
don’t have one of these.” And he pulled his pants and
underwear down together, exposing his cock to the young

“Well, what would I ever want one of those for?” she smiled.

Duke pulled his shirt off as he walked toward the young
woman, and taking her in his arms whispered, “This.” Into
her ears. He then picked her up and carried her to the
bedroom. He dropped her onto the mattress and began to
straddle the young lady. Serenity spread her legs, lifting
them to Duke’s shoulders as he slowly pushed his cock into
her. She was warm and wet, and he slid in like butter, and
the soft moan from Serenity’s lips told him he was hitting
the right notes. Serenity wrapped her arms around Duke’s
neck, and lifted herself to his mouth, kissing him as he
continued his slow, controlled penetration of this young
woman. Serenity was getting hot, her breath was sharp, and
she said, “Gawd, Tristan, yes.”

Duke pulled back, and out, sitting back on his heels as he
looked at the young woman.

“Tristan! You want Tristan?” and he swung himself off the
bed and into the kitchenette.

Serenity, realizing her slip, was crushed, and quickly
slipped on her clothes and rushed out into the hall.
Seeing Mi, she walked toward the tall blonde.

Yammi had just worked himself out of his clothes and
lowered himself onto the already prone Téa. She was
waiting for him, legs spread, arms reaching, and Yammi was
so ready for her. He rubbed his cock against her clit, not
yet penetrating, but instead, massaging his appendage
between her legs as his mouth closed over hers. Their hot
breathes mixed as their tongues touched, probed, explored.
Each time he pushed his cock against her, she moaned, and
each time he drew back, he lowered his body so that his
chest rubbed back against her breasts. Each motion aided
by Téa’s grip on his ass, pulling him closer, and letting
him slide back. Every forward motion accompanied by his
mouth slavering over hers, their tongues licking each
other’s, and as Téa could feel herself dripping under
Yammi’s cock, she looked into his eyes, and for a second,
the confident, assured, Yammi, was looking back at her
through the big saucer eyes of her best friend Yugi Moto.

Téa pushed the prince off her, and jumping to her feet she
grabbed her housecoat and ran out into the hallway. Seeing
Serenity just turning a corner, she followed the young
woman into the lunchroom.

“Serenity!” she called, even before seeing Mi, and as the
young woman turned, Téa saw the flushed cheeks and puffy
eyes that told her she had been crying. “What’s the
matter?” then, seeing the tall blonde, “Oh, sorry Mi, I
didn’t see you.”

“That’s alright, I was just about to ask our friend the
same thing. Serenity, what is the problem?”

“Oh Mi, I just made a big mess out of everything. I
thought Tristan liked me, and…”

“Tristan DOES like you, Serenity,” Téa said, “Did he say
something different?”

“No, not exactly. He just; I just; it was; and then there
was Duke, and…”

“You are not making a lot of sense Serenity. What
happened? And what about Duke?”

“I like them. Both of them. They are both very nice, but
they seem to think I am a prize.”

“Unlike your brother.” Mi interrupted. “I tried to be nice
to him, and he blew me off.”

Serenity perked up at this. She had a better understanding
of her brother, and she knew he liked Mi, a lot, but he
also knew he liked to be the protector, the hero, and she
knew Mi’s personality just might rub him wrong sometimes.

“Mi.” Serenity said, “Joey pretty much took care of the
family since we lost our father. He is the man of the
house, and he likes the feeling. He likes to be in charge,
and well, you are a great duelist because you are a take-
charge person. The thing you have to ask yourself is… will
you take charge of the relationship, or take charge of
making the relationship work?”

“You think I should let him make the moves?”

“I think you need to rethink your battle plan.”

“Right Mi.” Téa said, “like when you are dueling and you do
not have a monster powerful enough, you find ways to make
it stronger or…” she trailed off.

“Make the other monster weaker. I think I am following
your plan Téa.” Then, to Serenity, “You, on the other hand,
have a different problem that I think I can handle.”

“What do you mean, Mi?” Serenity asked.

“Like Téa just said. You have to work around your
problems. Like the Sword and Shield card, that turns
attack and defense powers, you have to take their attack,
and make it your attack.”

“I am not sure I am following you Mi.” Serenity said.

“Basically, they want you to make a choice that you do not
want, because it makes one person on their side sad, and it
makes you sad. But what if they had to make the choice?”

“If they had to decide who I will go out with? Won’t that
still leave me and them sad?”

“Only of they choose them. You, will make them a different
choice. Either share, or nothing.”

“You mean they will BOTH have to go out with me, or neither
of them will?”

“Correct. You all might still be sad, but in a choice
where everyone wins, or nobody wins, I find they will make
the right choice.”

“I think that just might work out, thank you Mi.” and she
wrapped her arms around Mi and kissed her. Mi
instinctively grabbed Serenity, and could feel her tight
little ass through her shorts. As Serenity pulled back,
her hands caressed Mi’s neck, sliding down her front to the
open blouse, where she realized that Mi had not yet done up
the front laces. Her fingers played across Mi’s nipples,
and cupped the large, ample breasts. “You have a very nice
body, Mi.” she commented. Mi cupped Serenity’s breasts
through her top and commented that she, too had some

“So, what am I?” Téa asked, as she opened her robe.

“Oh, My!” Serenity gasped at Téa’s form. Her breasts, not
as large as Mi’s were very well formed. Tight. Perky.
Curved just exquisitely, and offset the hourglass figure
that moved to a thin waist and beautifully round hips that
bracketed a lovely dark bush.

Mi took Serenity’s hand, and pulled her along with her to
Téa. The three of them went down the hall to Mi’s room.
As the door closed, Mi kissed Téa, hard, and slid her
fingers into Téa’s cunt. Mi could feel Téa’s breasts
against hers, then was suddenly aware of Serenity’s fingers
in her snatch. Breaking off from her kiss with Téa, she
kept fingering the woman as she turned to Serenity and
kissed her. Téa moaned at Mi’s touch, and moved closer,
letting Mi go deeper into her as Téa wrapped her arms
around Mi and fondled her breasts. Her fingers played
across hard nipples, alternating between Mi’s and
Serenity’s as Serenity reached around Mi with her free hand
to massage Téa’s tailbone. Soon, the three of them formed
a standing triangle, and almost in unison developed a
symbiotic relationship with Mi’s right hand in Téa’s cunt,
and her left hand caressing Serenity’s breasts, while Téa’s
right hand was in Serenity’s cunt and her left hand on Mi’s
tit, and Serenity following suit with Mi’s snatch and Téa’s
breasts. Each took turns kissing each other as they felt
each other to orgasm, and soon they could feel their legs
giving way and began to sink to the floor. Mi laid down
first, and Serenity laid her head between Mi’s legs, her
hands reaching up to grasp Mi’s breasts as Téa straddle the
two women, kissing Mi as Serenity ate Téa’s pussy Soon,
the three women were spent. Laying together, naked, on the
floor, Téa snuggled between the two women, Mi and Serenity
suddenly rolled on their sides, looking at their friend,
and said, “So, why were YOU in the lunchroom?”

“You are going to think this is silly, but after the duel,
I invited Yammi back to my room.”

“You mean Yugi?” Mi said.

“No, Yammi. The spirit of the puzzle. He is so self-
assured and in control. I just wanted to let him give that
up once, for me.”

“So you have the same problem I do.” Serenity said. “You
have two guys in your life.”

“No, I only have one. I can’t share with both because only
one person is there.”

“So you are even better than me.” Serenity stated, “You do
not have to make a choice, the choice is already made for

“What do you mean?”

“I think she means,” Mi added, “That Yammi and Yugi are the
same person, just different aspects. Think of Yammi as the
PMS Yugi. He is still Yugi, only more confident.”

“But he is NOT Yugi, he is Yammi, a 5,000 year old Egyptian

“Living in Yugi’s body, sharing his thoughts and memories,
and; experiences.” Whatever you do to Yammi…WITH Yammi,
Yugi will know, Yugi will feel, so in your case, it is
either both, or neither.”

“Just like me.” Serenity chirped, smiling like a Cheshire

“You two are both right. If I want Yammi, I need Yugi, and
I like Yugi, so there shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

“Right!” The two women said, then Mi added, “Now, let us
find our men, and get what we came after.”

Mi knocked on Joey’s door, and as he opened it, she began
to sob softly. “Joey, I am so sorry. I don’t know what
came over me.”

“That’s alright Mi.” Joey said, “I understand.”

“No,” she said, “I don’t think you do. I am not like that.
Really. It is just that you are so confident. So in
control, that I thought you wanted that in a girlfriend as
well. Someone who takes charge.”

“Of course I do Mi.” Joey said. “A person like me, I need
a strong girlfriend. I just didn’t realize that you were
interested in me like that.”

“I; I’m sorry Joey. I understand if you do not want to see
me. Someone as strong and confident as you…”

“Mi, please, you are so worthy to be my girl. I was just
shocked that someone as beautiful as you would have wanted
to be with me, that’s all.”

“You really believe I am beautiful?”

“C’mon my, you are totally hot. You deserve a great
duelist like me to be with. You deserve nothing less.”

“Then,” Mi said, as she slipped her top off again, “You
really like me?”

Joey’s mouth dropped as he saw Mi’s bare breasts. Like two
beautiful white pillows, supple, firm, with erect, pink
nips just waiting for him. “Mi, you are incredibly
gorgeous.” And he moved closer to her, sliding his hands
down behind her, and unzipping her skirt. As he felt the
skirt give way, he was aware of Mi undoing his pants, and
of the cool air playing across his hot, throbbing dick.
Like two people in a waltz, they moved out of their
clothes, Joey’s dick pressed against Mi’s cunt, the
slickness of her sliding along his shaft as they made their
way to the bed. As Joey fell back, Mi straddled him, her
long blonde hair falling over her, brushing Joey’s face, as
she whispered, “Relax Joey. Let me do this, for you. You
deserve it.” And Mi slid herself onto his erect cock,
lowering her body into him until she could feel him deep
inside her. She used the full weight of her body on Joey’s
arms to keep him down as she rose again, slowly, feeling
him slide in her, rubbing against the walls of her vagina
as she pulled almost all the way off him, and as she felt
his purple onion nearing the end, she slowly allowed
herself to drop back onto him, plunging him deep inside
her. Joey was gasping at the sensation, and as Mi rose up
again, he tried to lift himself with her, trying to push
the sensation, to cum inside her, but Mi just rose a little
faster, not wanting this to end, yet.

“Don’t be in a hurry Joey.” She whispered, “You need the
play your cards right to win this duel.” And she continued
her slow massage of his cock. “My Gawd Joey, you are great
at this.” She gasped, “Please, keep it up. Nice and slow,
you are so hot.” Joey so wanted to just shoot into her, to
push hard and deep and to cum so fast, but Mi was right.
He was too good for that. He was the best, and he was
going to make her so glad she wanted this. Still, he could
not help but assist as she rose up, raising his ass off the
bed and pushing deep with her even as she rose. Feeling
him deep inside her, Mi changed her tempo. She began
timing her massages so that as Joey began to push deeper
inside her, she pushed down, plunging him so deep inside
her she thought he would cum in her throat. She began to
move faster and faster, massaging him until he let out a
growl of pleasure as he released himself into her, and the
sensation was incredible. Sweat dripped down Mi’s back as
she collapsed on Joey’s body, and he wrapped his arms
around her.

“Who rocks your world, Mi?” he said.

“Oh, my, gawd.” Mi choked out, “You are so the king of THIS

Serenity stormed down the hallway and seeing Tristan
grabbed him by the collar before he could get out an “I’m
sorry” and dragged him to Duke’s room.

“What are we doing here?” He asked as Serenity banged on
Duke’s door.

Duke Devlin opened the door and before he could say a word,
Serenity pushed her way into the room, and moved Tristan to
sit in a chair next to Duke.

“What’s this…” Tristan was about to say when Serenity
said “Quiet!” and glared at the two of them.

“I like you Tristan.” She said, and Tristan smiled at
Duke, “but I like Duke as well.” And his smile dropped even
as Duke smiled back. “And you two have been using me as
some prize in a game. I am not a prize. I am not
property. I am the woman you love, right?”

Tristan said “Right.” And Serenity looked over at Duke and
said “Right?”

“Right.” Duke said, bowing his head.

“Now, near as I can tell, you two don’t mind each other,
right?”, and again, the two said “Right.”

“In fact, the only thing that you seem to fight over is ME,
right.” And she didn’t even wait for the ‘right’ this
time, “So, here is the deal. Since I am not a prize, and I
am NOT going to choose one of you over the other, you have
the choice of sharing me, or not having me at all. Do I
make myself clear?”

“But” Duke began, then seeing Serenity’s eyes stopped.

Tristan looked at Duke and they each shrugged their
shoulders, then, as they looked back at Serenity she spoke

“Before you go making any more decisions, I want to show
you something.” And she began to remove her jacket. Still
not wearing any undergarments, which she noticed were still
in Duke’s bedroom, she slid off her shorts and stood before
the two men, totally naked. She turned her back on them,
then, looking back over her shoulder, she kept her eyes on
them as she turned all the way around to face them. “Now,
if you behave, and play nice, this is yours. If you start
pulling attitude, BOTH of you can forget about EVER seeing
these puppies again.” And she buoyed her tits up with her

Again, Duke and Tristan looked at each other, then at
Serenity, then said in unison, “So, what do you want us to

Serenity smiled at them, “You can start by getting naked.”

The two men stripped, and when they were ready Serenity
began. “Now,” she said, “I think we will start this with
Tristan, lay on the floor, on your back.” As Tristan began
to lower himself, Duke spoke up.

“Are we going to be your little toys?” he said.

“Hardly,” she replied, “but since this is all pretty new to
all of us, and since I am the main player here, at the
moment, I will let you see how I envision it. As we
progress, I am sure we will all find ways to exert our
input. I don’t want to have to call ALL the shots, but for
tonight, let me have my way, and we can see where it goes
from there.”

“Alright,” Duke said, “For tonight. So, where do you want

“You just stand over by Tristan’s head for now.” Serenity
said as she straddled the prone man, sliding her wet pussy
over his erection. Tristan moaned softly at the sensation,
and as Serenity skid onto him, she grabbed Duke by the ass
and pulled him to her, wrapping her mouth over his dick and
sucking softly. Tristan grabbed her tits, massaging them
as Serenity rode his cock, and every up and down motion
translated to a back and forth motion on Dukes cock, until
their rhythms finally gave way to orgasm, and total release.

Téa went to Yugi’s room, still wearing nothing but the
bathrobe. She knocked on the door, and Yugi answered the
door. “Téa, what brings you here?” he asked. Téa moved
into the room, sat down in a chair, and looked at the
little man.

“You do.” She said. “remember when I asked to speak to


“Well, I didn’t want to talk to him.”

“What did you want Téa?” he asked.

Téa stood up, and slipped out of her robe. “This.”

Yugi just looked at her, mute. Here was a friend whom he
had known for years, and now, instead of his best friend,
there was standing the most beautiful woman he had ever
seen. Silky smooth white skin covering smooth, beautiful
breasts, and an incredible body. “Do you…do you want…” but
for some reason he could not finish the sentence.

“I have known you most of my life, and once you started
sharing your body with Yammi, and I could see his strength
and confidence, I knew I wanted more.”

“But I am not Yammi.”

“I know, but I will make love to Yammi, and you will be
there, and I cannot exclude you from this. You are my
friend, and I love you, and if I am going to use your
body, want you to know about it, and to experience it as
well. It is only fair.”

“So, what do you want me to do?”

“Relax.” And Téa approached the young man, and slid his
jacket off his shoulders. She then pulled his shirt over
his head and kneeled before him. Unbuckling his pants, she
pulled them down, and helped slip them off his legs. Once
he was naked, she took him to the bedroom and made love to
him. She was tender, and gentle, and Yugi returned kind
for kind, exploring her in places she had not considered.
It was like they were two souls…or three in this case, and
at one moment during their love making, as Téa was coming
close to her climax, she opened her eyes and saw the face
of Yammi looking back at her for a moment, before a low
soft moan escaped Yugi’s lips, and Téa collapsed on his

The morning of the next duel found the gang relaxing in the
sauna. Men’s and women’s. Yugi was spent, and the steam
felt good when Joey asked, “You alright pal? You look a
little spent.”

“Let me just say I had a little one-on-one with Téa last
night, and there is a whole lot more to her than I had

“I know what you mean. Mi came over to my place last
night, and we went over some strategies that I never
considered before. How about you guys? Still fighting
over my Sister?”

Duke and Tristan smiled at each other, “Nope. Not anymore.”

“Good. I am glad she made a decision. You guys good with

“Oh yeah.” Tristan said. “I think it is going to work out
just fine.

Mi poured more water on the hot rocks as Téa came
in. “So?” she asked.

“You were right. They really are just two sides of the
same coin, aren’t they, but you know, I can tell when they

“Oh?” Serenity asked.

“Yes. Each is different. Not better or worse, just
different. How about you?”

“Do you have any idea how many places you can stick a cock?”

“Never thought about it, Mi?”

“Got an idea, why?”

“Just letting you know, there are probably one or two you
hadn’t considered.” And she just dumped more water on the
rocks and sat back as Téa and Mi just looked at each other
and winked.