The Best Damn Diary - PERIOD!
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2004-02-02 22:03:55 (UTC)

My Day - SO FAR lol

well, it's now 2:55pm while i'm writing this. I've been up
since 7:15 this morning...guess that comes from falling
asleep right after Criminal Intent at 11 lol. I was
SUPPOSED to come back on the comp lastnight, but never
did. I guess you could say i was bored.

Today's not much different. I had a little "nap" at about
12:30, lasted til 1:30 or so...finally got my lazy ass up
out of bed at 2...and been on here ever since.

Did a little searching at the KRR site today, found my new
profile info up...but pic? What the hell? oh
well lol. I guess i'm a litlle X in the corner...that's
what i apparently look like lol, oh well.

Converting MORE songs. I mean, i litterally have to use 40
gigs of space for music alone. Well, i'm thinkin maybe 20
for music, and 20 for recorded events. That way, it's
always fast, not slow...and NO POPS!!! i feel glad i
actually achieved that lastnight.

I Also listened to myself lastnight...holy shit people. If
you wanna laugh your ass off, tune into KRR at 6:20pm EST.
That's when my show airs...right after the KRR Playhouse.
NO MORE SCRIPTS...period, now, i'm just gonna wing it lol.

Hmm....that's about it for right now...just sittin here,
drinkin coffee, smokin, converting songs, and waiting for
brit to come on...hopefully she's not bored, i mean, she
did have school today. So unless school's boring (Yea yea,
i know it is...i went through it), we might actually talk
more today :D lol.


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