The twisted thoughts of me
2004-02-02 21:45:11 (UTC)

I think im high!!!!!hahaha

im so so sick of life!!!its never fair. how come it had to
be like this . i wil never get it. owell i wanna die so
bad, i dont see the point of living anymore. To add on to
it i really like brandon and he says he likes me but then
dan said he just wants to get in my i have no
clue whats going on with that subject. i have decided to
give up on guys completly!!!i dont care bout anything
anymore..nothing seems to matter that much. i hate this
feeling. Grrrrrrrrr i think im gonna kill myself. i wanna
really bad, i doubt any1 would even miss me. i doubt my
parents would even notice.HAHAHAHAHA i think thats funny. i
really really do. dont you????so im gonna go with mandi
this weekend to the roller rena agian...yippie that was so
much really was. at the same time it was sad cuz
brandon was there. g2g...i think im gonna go cut....yippie
that sounds fun!!!!