just a normal life
2004-02-02 21:34:43 (UTC)

act like its normal

Well, I was having some major apprehensions about to day
and how things would go with julianne and I would get
really stressed our at certain points and then i would
have to just stop and think and pray and know that things
WOULD be okay... i just had to work through it and the
tough part will come to an end and what happens will be
for the best. So that helped

And I'm definately glad i have my faith and I'm glad that
God was with me through the day, at least during the
points when i remembered He was there instead of taking on
all my problems myself.

I don't know, Ju acted in a way like she just wanted to
pretend it didn't happen... and things seemed fairly
normal, but at the same time its like we both knew that
there was that hidden tension and that hidden problem...
and I'm just not really sure whats going to happen with
it. We're kinda at a breaking point where it can't really
get much worse... well actually it definately could... but
hasn't really been much worse than this ever before. So I
feel kinda like this maybe one of those things that we all
choose to just forget about and push to the side whether
its the right thing to do or not, i'm not sure.

Anywayz, I just pray that things will be alright no matter
what happens. And yea, I'd like thigns to go back to how
they were at like the beginning of the year, but the morei
think about it, things have been different for a while
now... and I have felt a lot of stress from our friendship
and like I've really had to walk on eggshells for a while
now not to upset her. So I don't know what it will be like
in the future, but hopefully better.

Alright so thats it! Adios!

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