Ashley's thoughts
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2004-02-02 21:33:10 (UTC)

My Weekend

Today (Monday) has been a very boring, normal Monday.
Nothing real outrageous happened today.

Some crazy things happened over the weekend tho. Like on
Saturday, most of the boys basketball team SHAVED THEIR
HEADS!! Can you say CRAZY?!?! Ok maybe I should start from
the beginning:

Well, on Friday, I saw Win A Date With Tad Hamilton with
my sis and her friend (HOTTIE ALERT!!!) pretty stupid
movie tho:(

The next day, Saturday, I woke up at like 8:30!! Can u
beleive any1 could get up that early?!? well i did.
Anywho, I got up at 8:30 and watched tv until i had to
take a shower and get ready for the boys bball tourney
game. Well, we lost by 39 points :( but the other
cheerleaders from hilliard memorial SUCKED so it was
cool. The cheerleaders had a blast and all the parents
just started watching us instead of the game becuz we were
losing so badly!

Then, on Sunday, we had the infamous cheerleading
competition. It was ok but we still got 2nd out of 2
teams! I still had a blast and thats all that matters.
Also, the only reason we got 2nd was becuz the other squad
had more tumbling than us. I have a feeling that if we all
get some tumbling, we could place really well at

*Las Vegas!! (BEST SHOW EVER!) (Josh Duhamel: SOOO HOT!!)
*American Idol 8:00
*Real World/Road Rules The Inferno 10:00
*7th Heaven 10:00
*Fear Factor! 8:00
*Average Joe: Hawaii! 10:00