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2004-02-02 18:47:00 (UTC)

In case you're interested

I have started a blog that I update sometimes with stupid
day-to-day stuff. I'll still check in here and write the
major stuff, but if you want to check out the blog feel

The addy is

In life news Pierre has introduced me to a friend of his
named Derrick. He seems to be a very nice guy. Offered
to help me with my Access assignment last night. I think
I confused him a bit with my question. I was having
trouble figuring out how to do the calculation I need to
do. Turned out I could do it in the query and I didn't
have to do get it from the form.

So a big thanks goes to Derrick for trying to do the
impossible for me! Sorry it turned out to be a wild goose

Have a great week everyone!