DayDream Believer
2004-02-02 14:14:16 (UTC)

Days of our life

Things are pretty good with Tommy and me agen.
He has to work a lot overtime at his job, som he`s verry
trired but except from that he`s allright.
He told me that he wanted to see how things went when I was
back at the uni, and now I`ve been back for a few weeks. I
can understand it. I was always looking forward to his
holiday or time off to end when I had things to do, like
And now things went the other way around and he got
exhusted of me having all the time in the world and he no
time. Its probly hard to understand why its so hard for us
that one have holiday and the other dont, but I think its
because then the one with the holiday wants to do a hole
lot off studd with the other person, and we do, but for the
one who has to get up in the morning. it coast!

I know he survived a lot of things with me, he feelt that I
was flirting with other boys earlier, that I had to manny
boy friends, then we had his worst nightmare, I was a russ,
then I told him that his worst fear had come ture, me and
Chris had kissed, and a lot more.
He says he`s so happy that he dont have all those things to
vorry about anymore, and Im glad for him.

This was my worst nightmare, and belive me when he said he
did not feel in love with me anymore I started to think
what would be right for me to do. I didnt gave up on him
eather, and I dont think we have passes thing period trugh,
but I know that the hardest work is done, and that it was
worth every fight!

Tommy had to go away at a hotel with his work, it was
supose to be for three nights. I made him one letter for
each neight, where I wrote one of the reasons why I love
him so much.
The two first letters was on a romantic paper from my
younger days, the third letter was a puzzle letter I
brought on a holiday when I was 15. It is a smal puzzle,
first you puzzle it. The motive is a hart where it says I
love you in the middle.
When You have managed to put the pices tougheter, then you
turn the puzzle and there is a letter.
But they let them go late evning instead of the morning
afther, witch meant one night less, and he have not borther
to open the letter yet!
But I know thats just him, he`s not verry much in to
letters and stuff.
He sais he will open it one night we`re apart.

But something happend on his trip, I was home for a change,
since he was gone. We talked in the phone, I think it was
me who phoned him. Then I got a nother call, I could see
the number and it looked familiar, I think it was Chris.
I had to leave the phone in my room, since it needed more
power. Then I watched tv and when I came back the number
had called agen....
Afther this I have started thinking of Chris agen!
Will I never learn???
But Im not gonna do anything, Im not gonna call or make
contact with him. He will always be the way he is, and in
the end he dissapoint me. I just remember the good things
about him, but I must start to remember the bad things,
like how selfsentred he is.
Dont worry about this please, I will not make contact with
Chris agen. Mabe if he call I will answer, but I dont think