Elton and Laura fan

Elton and Laura fan
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2004-02-02 11:21:29 (UTC)


Well I was sick yesterday (still am) so I ended up going to
bed after the 1st quarter. I wake up at about 3AM and turn
the TV to ESPNEWS, find out that the Patriots win
WAY off, predicted PATS 34 PANT 6.). Then I watched what I
had set the VCR to record, Inside The Actors Studio with
the cast of Will & Grace, after that I found the local
morning news (1 hour early because of the big winter storm
that WAS supposed to hit! (glad it didn't)) after the
weather coverage, came the story about Janet Jackson's
right tit was exposed during half-time! I MISSED
IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It always seems that I miss all the good
stuff! This fucking sucks! Oh well I get to see it
eventually, like Lucy Lawless' pop-out! The most important
thing is that the Patriots won!!!!!!!!

Untill next time.....
Captain Fantastic