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2004-02-02 05:38:14 (UTC)

Have you ever been in one of "those" situations?

So have you ever been in one of those situations where
it's like a movie, and everyone believes one thing that
looks totally bad on you, yet no matter if it's the person
you most care about, you can't get them to see the way it
really is? It's so hard, because you know the truth, you
hate being known for something you didn't do, and you can
lose someone you care about. Well guess what... that
happened to me. yeah.. how surprising, something bad
happen to me dealing with girls? right... been there done
that, a billion times. I'm used to it, but no matter
what, it's hard losing a GREAT friend that you get along
with, someone that actually understands, someone that you
feel comfortable with, someone that makes you laugh your
ass off, and don't ever have those uncomfortable
silences. That is a great friend... and the hardest part
is losing them because of a miss understanding, or because
they see it a different way. I didn't mean anything bad
or hurtful to my good friend I may have lost, but I still
end up on the worthless list. Maybe it was selfish of me
to consider the way i felt over something that meant
something to someone. But my feelings WERE being
effected. And it is SOO hard to have that awkwardness
between 2 people that couldn't have been better of
friends. I screwed this one up, and it sucks that i can't
change it now... once you feel weird around someone that
used to be a good friend... it doesn't change. It takes a
while. i really don’t know what to say now though... i
have seen it from both sides and still wish things were
different. I tried hard to save something i fucked up,
but it's over. All i can do is hope for forgiveness in the
near future. I'm out, can't take much more drama... never
been a fan of it.
Tip : Sometimes the right thing to do just isn't the right
thing to do. Assess the situation, and do what will better
whoever is involved.
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