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2004-02-02 03:47:42 (UTC)

Whats happening this weekend

What is going on and stuff? Im just here at my baby's
house, just waiting for my sista Cindy's call. Im going to
go out tonight, actually, its going to be the 3rd time
this week going to the club. I haven't had a full nights
rest lately and my eyes are getting all small and shit. I
spend the night here with my babe. Damn, her falling
asleep in my arms is just wonderful. The day before
yesterday, we both spend the night at Cheryl's and Cindy's
house. It was bad ass! It was so cool sleeping on their
bed cause its all big and Laura practically slept in my
arms all night. Mmmmmm, that was something. She got drunk
off her ass too. I was like damn girl! I was only a little
buzzed, didn't want to drink too much cause I wanted to
take care of my baby. I had fun. Jumping to another topic,
this month, we complete a full year. DAMN! Its been a pain
in the ass. lol Im joking babe! I LOVE YOU BABY! :) That
girl knows I love her to death. I'll type back on here
later, I want to go hug the girl of my life. Bye people! I


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