2004-02-02 03:28:10 (UTC)

So tomorrow, so book...yikes!

I should be reading now yes I know. I have still under 600
pages of the Count's adventures, but I'm making it harder
then it seems to go over to my desk and just read non stop
for atleast 2 hours. Technically I should have read for 4
hours minimum today but I'm very good at avoiding these
things. Eventually I will be too tired, and I'll just say
oh well. That's usually my plan for avoiding things. I
start doing everything I can so that I just not get to it.
First I'm about to go, the book is right there in my room,
even opened on my desk, but I look at it, turn on my radio
and start jamming. Then I find a deck of cards and play
speed solitaire. Later more jamming or in this case getting
on line. Before all this I ate and watched t.v. Eventually
I get hungry again so I can't read while hungry, and I
can't eat while not watching t.v. So that's just how that
whole thing works out. I'm hoping this entry will kinda
inspire me to just breakthrough and force myself into it.
It's not as hard as I'm making it seem.

Found my eyeQ though. This morning I made myself some food,
then looked for smackdown or the last recording of the
hitchcock hour, but couldn't find it. Eventually I realised
that most every tape is out of ordered and just down right
fucked, so I started re-organizing it. Finally got it
settled after about an hour, up to 2. Then I finally ate my
stale sandwiches to some smackdown. Now that I think of it,
I should make it more apparent which tapes we can record
on. Yes I'll go do that now and later I should read.

I'm constantly slacking on that meditation thing. Tomorrow
I start visualization which I should read up on.

I'm having this new day dream like thing. More like a
fantasy. It consists of Alfred Hitchcock, and all the
classic flicks. I figure if I start doing alot of research
so as to how film is made, different techniques, and dvd
research materials. So basically it goes like this, I want
to purchase every dvd possible. Start buying the stuff
that's just coming out now and just start building on it. I
want to get every movie that's out there, horror, comedy,
action, grotesque stuff, whatever. It would all acount for
research and would be found in my store. I want to record
the classics, starting from the hitchcock hour, without
commercials and keep them in the back not for rental since
that's illegal, but for free rents to friends by special
request and my own research. Also purchase some
instructional dvd's, such as how to make film and/or stuff.
I'd own that, and live above it. It would get me enough
dough to afford some pretty nice equipment to shoot some
descent films. This whole thing would be just a great place
for research to the future film maker, and to the average
movie lover. What a dream...

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