No time for love Dr. Jones
2004-02-02 02:32:15 (UTC)

Come squeeze and suck the day, come carpe diem baby!

Big Day Out 2004 Summary
By Ric Jones

Holy shit, what a day! Probably the coolest thing I have
ever been too. But first we must start as always, at the

Aaron finally got to my house at about quarter to 11 (gates
opened at 11:00). So we jumped in the car and took off.
Once we got to the venue and made our way to the line,
Aaron realised that he’d left the tickets at home!! What a
douchebag!! So we had to sweet talk the car park attendant
into saving us a park, which he agreed to quite easily.
What a nice chap. We raced back to mum & dad’s place (I
don’t think I slowed down to the speed limit once) and
grabbed the tickets.

After we got back to the showgrounds the parking dude tried
to tell us there were no parks left!! Argh!! After some
more sweet talking, we managed to convince him we should be
allowed to double park, since the lot was full anyway and
we’d already paid.

So we got to line up and finally made it into the grounds,
I raced to the Blue Stage were we get to…

Blue Stage 11:45 - 12:30 Skulker
I love this band, I was so dying to see them, but thanks to
Aaron’s momentous fuck up, I only managed to cath the last
three songs of their set. It was still worth it. The bass
player in that band is fully hot, no matter what Aaron
says. Oh, and two midgets pushed pass us in the crowd to
get to the moshing area.
I rate 3 spuds, coz I love these chicks, they rock hard!!!!

CAT Essential Stage 12:30 - 1:00Tidal
These guys are some local metal band that we decided to
check out because we actually wanted to catch the next band
on this stage. These guys were pretty good, they wore all
white, and had their faces painted to suit. They played
some fairly tight songs, and the mosh was really good, not
too aggressive but still a lot of fun. They threw a shirt
into the audience, and I managed to catch it. Sweet, free
shirt. Towards the end of their set, they all stepped back
on the stage and started up a slow, heavy sort of groove,
and this weird looking dude walked out onto the stage. This
guy was shirtless and had body paint that made him look
like a Darth Maul rip off. He started doing this Tai Chi
sort of dance thing to the music, and as it started
speeding up, he pulled out these fucking nun chucks!!! Then
the band started playing “Eye of the Tiger” and Darth Maul
was nun chucking to the music, it was fully sweet!!
I rate 3 spuds, decent effort and the nun chucks were a

CAT Essential Stage 1:30 - 2:15 Blood Duster
These guys are a Melbourne-based death metal band. I’ve
heard a few of their songs before, it’s the sort of
screaming-til-your-balls-drop-off metal that gives the rest
of the genre a bad name. Still, Aaron wanted to see them
and I have to admit I was interested. How could you not be
with song titles such as, “Track suits are not appropriate
metal attire” and “I love it when Joe Pesci swears”. As the
roadies were setting up I was checking out some of their
equipment. The bass player was using this beaten up piece
of shit Fender Bass, and when the tech sound checked it, it
was so distorted it sounded more like a guitar than a bass.
Both guitar players were using sweet looking Gibson SG’s.
All band members came out shirtless with blood coloured
body paint all over them, making them look like they’d just
slaughtered some kind of animal and feasted on it’s carcass
in the dressing room. They were a pretty good show. Some
hot, hot chick wiggled her way in front of me and kept
rubbing her hot, hot ass on my crotch for the whole show.
That was pretty sweet.
I rate 2 spuds. I was gonna say one, but they get an extra
one for the hot chick with her crotch rubbing escapades.

After this, we went scouting for lunch. There wasn’t much
to see until later in the afternoon…

CAT Essential Stage 4:00 - 4:45 The Butterfly Effect
These guys were pretty cool. Some soft metal/hard rock band
that I had previously never heard of. The singer had a
Braveheart-esque blue stripe painted down his face and all
the way to his pants. One of the songs he climbed the light
rig and sung from about 15metres in the air. All the little
girlies thought that was pretty cool.
I rate 2 spuds, they had some fairly groovy songs

Green Stage 5:45 - 6:30 Jet
Man, these guys know how to put on a show. Old school
Rolling Stones type rock style! The crowd was pretty big,
and Aaron wasn’t really interested in getting very close to
the stage, so I left his useless ass half way to the back
and made my way closer. As these guys get a lot of radio
air time, there were a lot of 15 year old teeny bopper
girls, and as such I expected the crowd to be fairly tame.
Apparently all the big guys standing around were into the
band too, coz the mosh pit was crazy!!!!
I rate 3 spuds, these guys put on a show

Blue Stage 6:30 - 7:30 The Hoodoo Gurus
Holy shit these guys are old. They have some fairly sweet
songs tho, and this was the stage that Metallica would be
playing on in just over two hours, so I decided to hang
here in the hope of getting a good spot for the main event.
There were some fairly good tunes pumping, a lot of stuff
that plays on fogey radio, so the crowd was really getting
into it and singing along. It was a really good time for
all, plus this fairly hot, really drunk lady was grabbing
me from behind and dancing with me, even tho her husband
was standing right next to her, freaky shit.
I rate 3 spuds, good radio friendly tunes

Orange Stage 7:30 - 8:30 The Strokes
Man I hate these guys now. The Blue & Orange stages were
set up right next to each other so that while one stage is
being played on, the roadies and techs would set up the
other stage, ensuring that the gap between bands would be
no more than 10 minutes or so. So while The Stroke were
technically on the Orange Stage, and I was actually
standing in front of the Blue Stage, I could still hear the
fuckers. Not cool. Every time they finished a song, the
Metallica crowd (which by now were all standing in front of
the Blue Stage) would yell obscenities at them, informing
them of the quality of their songs, and questioning their
dubious heritage. The only good thing I cold say about this
particular part of the day would be the company. Metallica
fans are funny bastards. One of the guys I was standing
next to had to piss real bad, but he didn’t want to lose
his spot, so he convinced some other standers by to form a
circle so he could piss without the rest of the crowd
seeing his bits. Ingenious. Also there was the fairly hot,
really drunk lady. She managed to get in front of me (tho I
don’t remember how) and was dancing to The Strokes’ music.
I have to say it was fairly erotic dancing, it involved
rubbing herself against me a great deal and it was pretty
I rate minus 20 spuds. These guys just made the wait for
Metallica miserable for everyone involved.

Blue Stage 8:45 - 10:45 The Main Event, METALLICA
Whoa! Words cannot describe! I managed to get within three
people of the front row, so I was psyched before the first
power chord was struck! The air seemed electric as the
moment I’d waited most my life approached. Then, the lights
dimmed and the experience began…

"Ecstasy of the Gold"
Obvious starting point, has started probably every one of
their recorded concerts I’ve seen

One of the guys in the crowd had been to Sydney and had
seen both their Big Day Out show and their individual
concert (lucky fucker). He predicted this opener, as they
had used it for both those shows. It was played really
well, but the mosh was so violent that I couldn’t see too

"Creeping Death"
By this point I was struggling to keep myself upright and I
though I’d better bug out so I could find a spot where I
could actually WATCH the show. And so began my first
crowdsurfing experience. I managed to get myself up, but as
soon as I had, the crowd *threw* this girl on top of me and
I was almost dropped as quickly as I began. The crowd
managed to get me up again tho, and throw me forward, but
some guy in the crowd thought it would be a good idea to
try and steal my fucking wallet! He grabbed my chain and
reefed it, but only the belt loop broke and he lost grip of
the chain, so I managed to keep it. Lucky! But I was
dropped again, so I thought I’d just walk my way out of the
moshing maelstrom.

"Harvester of Sorrow"
I was pretty pissed that I had to spend most of one of my
favourite songs with my back to the stage as I found a less
violent vantage point, but it was such a good rendition
that I got over it fairly quickly.

--Kirk slide solo--

By this song I had retreated to the relative safety of
about 15 orws back. Now I could actually see the stage and
hear the music. It only now dawned on me just how old James
is looking...

--Rob bass solo, into --

"For Whom The Bell Tolls"
Oh boy!! Crowd favourite

--Drum solo with James stirring up the crowd, into --

The first of the newbies, Kirk did a little solo that
wasn't on the album but was pleasantly surprising none the

"Sad But True"
Reminded me of the Year and a Half video where Jason was
explaining how when they play this song on their stage,
with their equipment it sounds like a massive motherfucker,
man it was heavy

"Dirty Window"
One of my favourites from St. Anger, Kirk did a solo in
this too

"Seek & Destroy"
The crowd went spastic for this

--Mad Kirk wah solo--

"Fade to Black"
It was hilarious! A real rock show cliche, with all the
lighters in the air!! Kirk fucked up the intro solo, by
coming in two bars late. He still pulled it off tho, man
watching that guys fingers go is amazing!

Nice fast oldy. After this they walked off stage and people
actually thought it was the end. Dumb asses...

The lights were out, but the guitar came back in as they
kicked off the first encore...

"St. Anger"
This song sounds so much better live. It makes you realise
just ho good a song it is

--'Twin Peaks' solo--

"Nothing Else Matters"
Again with the lighters! All the girls in the crowd
screamed when Kirk started the intro, it was quite amusing.
Kirk copped a bottle cap to the chest while he was playing
the bluesy middle solo, didn't deter him tho. He must be
used to it

"Master of Puppets"
This one got all the real metal fans going. I could barely
keep up with James' right hand as he played the intro riff.
Fuck me! During the first solo, James yelled, "sing it with
me Adelaide!" and proceeded to sing the solo bit! it was
pretty funny

After this they left stage again, and more people started
leaving. Many were complaining, "They didn't even play
One". Right after I heard one dick say this, the helicopter
noise started in the speaker...

I've seen all the videos, but I never expected the war
sounds starting this song to be so loud! There was
pyrotechnic explosions on stage and fire works and
everything. Dang. Oh, the song kicked ass too, Kirk is a
golden guitar god.

--James 'evil' solo--

"Enter Sandman"
A nice song to finish off the evening with. A fitting finale