Through My Blue Eyes....
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2004-02-01 23:22:35 (UTC)

what a wonderful weekend.... 2-1-04

this weekend was so fun...friday after matt got off work we
went with his parents and cody and blake and some of their
friends went out to eat but of corse they had 2 go to a
chinese resteraunt and i hate chinese so i just ate a
little bit...after that we all went bowling...i did really
good the first game and i was up with everyone elses scores
but the second round i only got 7 points.matts aunt
michelle did really good she got 3 strikes in a row.after
that we went to his parents for the weekend.i helped his
mom do so much stuff and we baked blake his birthday was so good.then today we were supposed to go
tubeing and go to a super bowl party but insted we came
home b/c i missed everyone.
well thats all i gotta say...

i love you matty..