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2004-02-01 23:14:07 (UTC)

oh friday

oh wow friday was a wild and crazy night.... i got trashed
went to a concert thingy saw my bro there which is cool
then i kissed a girl yeah yeah i kissed a girl well anyways
i also took care of a girl in the bathroom i didnt even
know i felt bad but it was cool i met some cool people that
thought that was a great thing for me to do what can i say
im a great person lol :o) but im just saying that basically
everything i did that night i dont remember so dont hold me
responsible for it k? k lol i dont really have much to say
right now cause the game is on and i have a lot to write
about mixed emotions but i dont feel like getting into
right now and im not sure if i really want to share them
because it would just make everything so much worse.... but
im out

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