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2004-02-01 21:23:18 (UTC)

Beginning of a new beginning

February 1st, 2004
This is my first entry of my very first journal, that I
actually wanted to do of course. To start of this first
entry I would like to say that I'm dedicating this very
journal to a girl. This girl isn't like any other girl I
ever met, shes very different which really pulls me
towards her. We know a lot about each other but the funny
part is, we have never really talked. There were the
hello's and there was the constant few words which only
came out when we have some kind of reason to be talking,
for example my cousin. This girl is really good friends
with my cousin and my cousin's the reason we even talk. If
it weren't for my cousin then I wouldn't even be as close
as I am to this girl right now, but the ironic thing is we
still are far from each other. To my cousin I'm really
thankful although I don't tell her but I really am. She
play's a big role in this event of my life and she deserves
a lot of recognition. So, as I go on this journey to find
out if my feelings for this girl are mutual then there is
going to be a lot of future entries.

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