meeg-O's dark place
2004-02-01 20:14:19 (UTC)

Day 1 1st febuary 2004-the thoughts of a ghost hunter

welcome to the amzing world of my thoughts, please if you
are prone to be sick about blood and stuff dont read, i
dont want to get sued. recently i have realised that i cant
stop thinking about ghosts, im getting really into it all.
recently me and a friend(who whishes to reamian anoymanous)
have seen the ghost of a 12 year old girl, in a white dress
drenched in blood.its quite scary but really kool. she
often comes to me in my dreams, but when she speaks all i
hear is a buzzing, its a bit like a deep voice but u cant
understand it. please please please if u hve had any
encounters or preminitions like this email me at
[email protected] i really need help on this one,
watch you're step, meeg-O

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