felicity womb
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2004-02-01 19:41:33 (UTC)

The insane poet

From an institution a scream cries for a revolution,a
fallen mind's contribution.Yes, a breath I have spoke
before,but if then a fallen mind may I ask- what is now
rendered?I hear the call of withered will.From the cellar
I hear weeping,scarcely a frustrated yell.The persecuting
empathy upon feeble legs the burden;but what of pain, may
we learn?But there is not to be reason!Merely false axioms,
creative neglectful wisdom.Volition of intention,dreams of
relative perception.Ah, the placating utterance. The curse
of self importance.Belief, another condition,heed thus a
divine volition.Now to interposing the creed-to speak of
the lives I will save,those taken in my name!I incessantly
battle truth!I shall condemn opposition!But I shall
condemn no person?May I question causality?Yes, to realize
I am nothing.To digress from this a mental death.

Thus speaks the insane poet...