felicity womb
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2004-02-01 19:40:18 (UTC)

My walk of life...

To walk alone merely as one
separate from a greater sum.
though if a mind will not conserve
a precious thought of that observed
then it's a passion's sad effect
to heed a system must affect,
and though, seemingly not to be,
he the system the system he.

What is essential to survive?
the medium which makes us strive.
thus yearning love and hope and dreams
and fueling fear and lust and greed.
but I contend the innocent,
we're lost with our intelligence.
and missing is the innocence,
so lost within our ignorance.
for it's this entity of self,
the other myths I shall dispel,
it has a soul feeling as one,
not of the whole, the greater sum....

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