purple star

Never once spoken
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2004-02-01 09:34:25 (UTC)


im tired. i talked to patrick for an hour and a half (at
least) after harry brownes closed tonight. see in it what
you may. all i know is that he is sweet, christy is stupid
for putting it in jeopardy, and they both say they want the
other to cheat on them. go figure huh? thats all i have
to say on the matter right now. except for im sure that
because this town is small enough... talk of the town is
going to be that heather was with patrick until like 3:30am
at harry brownes. but you know what? who cares. i know
what happened... he knows what happened. we talked about
many things going on in each of our lives. we got to know
each other better, and became better friends because of
it. and if anyone has a problem with that.... they can go
fuck themselves. goodnight

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