The Best Damn Diary - PERIOD!
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2004-02-01 07:26:05 (UTC)

#!&# (High) - v01uMe NuMbEr $e7en" - Part THREE lol

Well, as promised, i'm back on the whole Britney and
cheree thing. As you all know if you read, me and cheree
are apparently no longer being friends,
deleting and blocking each other on msn, yahoo and aim,
so, that was her choice, not mine. I was hoping to be
friends, but you win some, you have to lose some.

As for Britney, i feel a bond with us. I make her laugh,
she makes me laugh...she makes me feel the same way i did
when me and cheree first started out? does that mean i
love her? Does that mean something more? I dunno...i need
help with that one. I mean, it's ALL good that i feel this
way about brit, that's a good thing.

I gave brit her space to figure shit out, for the simple
fact that someone else likes her, and she's gotta follow
her heart man....just alot of damn thinking to do. I've
done it before....but i do realize that i want there to be
an us...i want us to be together...i hope in the long run,
we will be. But, like i said, her choice.

Holy shit, it's all comin out? should i write more? YES?

I care for brit ALOT man, and i hope she does she
that...and maybe cheree will come through...but if she
dosen't...too bad then, right?

K, that does it for me for tonight...i'm done for now


PeAcE oUt Pe0pLe!!!