2004-02-01 07:25:19 (UTC)

basketball (tournament)

alright so heres the deal.people who know me know i play
for the salisbury sabres junior girls basketball team. we
had a tournament not to much fun it was from thursday -
saturday on thursday we played a fort saskachewan team
(sorry if spelled wrong im typeing fast)and we kicked there
ass like 58 to 36 or somthign around there but i also
rolled my ankle in the process so i didnt think i could
play. but i bought a ankle brace so i played friday and
saturday. on friday we played Ross Shepard T-Birds! they
kicked our ass so bad it was like 70 to 40 or somthing then
we played a wetaskawen team and we were ahead the whole
enitre game till like 4 minutes from the end it went back
and forth and two of there players were fouled out and 2
other players had 4 fouls so they only needed 1 more foul
to be kicked out then they got up and got up by one basket
and we got one so we were tied for a while and we had like
56 seconds left and we were ahead by 2 points then they got
a foul from us for them and they got both of those in so it
was 36-36 then they got a basket like 2 second before the
buzzer ran out so we had one play left and it was ours
under our basket so we had to try to throw it up over half
to the other basket as close as we could but we threw to
far so we lost by one basket and that my tragic story of
how we didnt win bronze

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