The Best Damn Diary - PERIOD!
2004-02-01 07:18:19 (UTC)

#!&# (High) - v01uMe NuMbEr $e7en" - Part DEUX lol

WhOo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0HOo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0 Back to
the stoners palace of thought if you REALLY need
to see this in a boring ass journal lol. So, here we
go....AGAIN....(You're lucky this is free, or i'd be makin
ya pay to see it lol)

Tonight's Topic: Why when you're high and smoke more if

Smoking pot, and smoking normal tobacco has prob'ly been
proven to show that they BOTH stimulate the mind in the
same way. So, why is it bad to smoke...let alone smoke pot?

I mean hell, pot is also an Aphrodisiac (Meaning a Horney
Kinda thing you use to get sexual lol)...So, hell, in all
3 ways, this has gotta be helpin ugly guys score, and the
rest of us even more horney damn, come on?

Where i live, in Canada (The BEST Country ever :P) pot is
NOT legal yet...why the fuck not may i ask? why did it
fail the first time? Why do we have to do it have to go
through a second time? I'll tell ya why. All the seniors
(50 ) thinking that POT DESTROY'S THE MIND....bullshit,
show me some fuckin proof...right now, dammit! it's, next time young people, vote YES.

Anyways, off that topic....i just recieved a new message
on yahoo messenger it is
maceplace98: hi, my name is annie, i am a little girl, i
died five years ago tonight, i was murdered by man who
went crazy and stabbed me five times, that man was my
father, i have posessed the person who is typing this for
me, if you don't send this to 20 people in 10 minutes, to
tell people about my story, then the next time u look into
your doorway i will be there with the knife i was killed
with, or i will crawl into your bed tonight with the
knife, i have long black hair and red eyes, i am wearing a
tattered dress
Now, is it just me...but am i the ONLY paranoid one when
high? Thinkin i'll wake up dead or some shit? lol.

What else? OHHHHHH....back to the britney thing...for
those of you who wanna read it, go to "#!&# (High) -
v01uMe NuMbEr $e7en" - Part THREE lol. I'll explain more

PeAcE oUt PeOpLe!!

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