The Best Damn Diary - PERIOD!
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2004-02-01 06:05:25 (UTC)

#!&# (High) - v01uMe NuMbEr $e7en" lol

Well, to bring to us to a conclussion about yesterday's
news about chris, is a messenger collection of messages
that he and his friend here it is:

Chris: and HOLY wanna read somethin?
George o0o: ??
Chris: ok, first off, did i show you my journal entry from
lastnight? lol
George o0o: no
Chris: ok, for this to make sense, i've gotta paste it to
you, ok?
George o0o: ok
Chris: Welcome back to the stoner's palace of thought! I'm
host, and tonight we bring you some of the most fucked up
ideas, tradies, love, hate and more, all in The Stoner's
palace of thought!

Did anyone sound like i was advertising on the radio? did i, i coulda kept typing the script for KRR in
here lol. Well, here i go again lol

Tonight, Chris does have a problem. His problerm? He found
himself attracted to a chick he was talking to on the net,
and met once, and is from his own city. And, the worst
part? He's in love with someone else.

Now, what to do? His current girlfriend, cheree, They we
on and off again for about a year and a half (When they
First started out) They were both trampled on. They also
didn't share many interests.
Chris: Also, Cheree got pissed off
at small things that chris did or didn't do, talkin to
friends, and taking a little longer to type a message than

Chris is also afraid that's cheree won't take him for
anything he listens to, the way he dresses, his friends,
and have even fought about me DJing at KRR.

What to do?

Then we have my friend bitney, she's a little younger than
him. They shared so many interests and have been and are
going through Social Anxiety Disorder. They share the same
values and moral. The've been friends for a long time, but
just recently, she got the internet, and they started

Chris: He finds himeslf attracted to britney for those
above. He Also thinks God has a plan for us, because had
he not met his friend carey in the hospital, he'd have
never met tina again, meaning he'd never find brit at all.

So, does god have a plan with us? Are we supposed to meet
Mrs. Right through faith, but have to go through our share
of misery before that happens. So, is God's plan really a
plan? or is this all fate working? If it's not any of
those 2, what is it?

Please Help chris out by lettin him know what you think he
should do here

Chris: tell me when you're done with that lol
George o0o: done
Chris: ok, part 2
Chris: Well, i guess when i'm high, i over-exagerate
things, or i
imagine shit...but i guess, oh well. I Guess cheree read
my journal entry for lastnight, and i got an email from
her (At least she said somethin) So who here wants to read
the email? lol....yea, you know i'm gonna post it Well,
here it is for all you people who read the journal
everyday, for some unknown reason lol

Chris: ----------------------------------------------------
Well lets see...

You are full of it, when you say I won't take you how you
dress, the music you like, etc. If you think that, I DO
NOT want to be with you. You can go for the other girl...
OH WAIT! Go for her since you think so much bad things
about me. And you're also full of it, when you say we
fought about you Djing. What the hell are you trying to
pull? I KNOW for a fact, we didn't fight about that. Seems
like you're just trying to make yourself look good.

So good job... go for the other girl... we're through.

And don't bother emailing me back because I won't read it.
And for you loving me.. Apparently you're full of it there

You won't hear from me again.

Yep it's short and straight to t
Chris: the point.

Chris: Well, like i said, i might have exagerated on a few
lastnight....when i'm high, i find i tend to do that. BUT
to a point.

Chris: you should be done with that in a sec
Chris: i'll show ya parts 3 and 4 when i get back in, k?
George o0o: lol k
Chris: wait....are you done with that one?
George o0o: yes
Chris: ok, part 3
Chris: miss_independant20 (2:33:16 PM): tell me, how the
hell can i answer you, when I'm not even around?
l_toxic_dreams_l (2:34:17 PM): well, i thought you were
lastnight, cause you didn't go idle on AIM until after i
went outside and came back in
miss_independant20 (2:34:43 PM): well guess what? I
wasn't. After Brian and I got off the phone, I went to
bed.. that was 10:30 and you weren't on. Hmm
l_toxic_dreams_l (2:35:45 PM): i was on ALL night on
aim....minus the 1 hour i went to telus, and got back and
phoned them...that was about 9:00 i was home
miss_independant20 (2:36:56 PM): Well, you weren't on
miss_independant20 (2:37:14 PM): Well whatever, I hope
you're happy now.
miss_independant20 (2:40:49 PM): btw i deleted you, so
have a nice life
l_toxic_dreams_l (2:40:53 PM): you too
Chris: miss_independant20 (2:40:57 PM): Always do
miss_independant20 (2:40:57 PM):
miss_independant20 (2:43:57 PM): Gosh... you sure bye easy
don't you?
l_toxic_dreams_l (2:44:07 PM): yea, i've gotten used to it
miss_independant20 (2:44:14 PM): hey, you asked for it
l_toxic_dreams_l (2:44:26 PM): i didn't say i didn't
miss_independant20 (2:44:58 PM): Happier now then?
l_toxic_dreams_l (2:45:14 PM): i dunno yet
miss_independant20 (2:45:39 PM): well don't come back to
me, when you know you aren't. One minute you're all
like "I'm NOT letting her go again" etc and now you do.
miss_independant20 (2:45:40 PM): nice
miss_independant20 (2:46:14 PM): Oh well, we're even now
Chris: now, i'll show ya somethin else when i get in lol
George o0o: anytme your reasdy
George o0o: damn how fat is that joint?
Chris: lol....sorry man, i came ALL FUCKED UP just for you
Chris: i went downstairs and ahd a smoke before i came
back up on here lol
George o0o: lol
Chris: ok, wanna see part ummmm
Chris: what was i on? part 2 oe 3 ? lol
George o0o: 4
Chris: so, what i'm showing you is gona be 4?
George o0o: y
Chris: ooooooooookkkkkk man lol
George o0o: lol
Chris: this is on her profile man lol
Chris: Hobbies: Walking, camping, hiking, fishing,
boating, hanging out, shopping, talking on the phone,
playing badmonton, listening to music, need I say more?
Latest News: Single. Oh... tha good times. lol =oP FYI:
Dont get with a man, who lies or is a 100% loser... it
wont last. =o)
George o0o: lol
Chris: and this is on her aim status lol
Chris: Don't message me! Chris is a loser! lol
Chris: that not fucked lol
George o0o: lol she don't like you
Chris: lol....well, duh lol
There it is folks, the conversation with george and chris
sums it all up....Thank you for reading, and please,
continue to read episode 2 of "#!&# (High) - v01uMe NuMbEr
$e7en" lol

PeAcE ouT pEoPlE!!!! lol