The Best Damn Diary - PERIOD!
2004-02-01 05:17:33 (UTC)

Boring Day

Well, besides goin to telus, and getin the answer NO to
everything, my day has been well, boring...besides talkin
to brit, that brightened up my day...PLUS i got a message?
wanna read it? isn't too often i get messages from people
*HINT HINT* (Ahem) lol.
From: Email withheld cause i can do it :P
Timestamp: 2004-01-31 21:17:46 GMT

if your not happy with the current girl leave it and go
the other one no point in staying where you dont even want
to be...isnt being high a great feeling...ya can kinda
let things go. your from canada right? isnt it legal
i live in california where its illegal. well write back if
you want.

Cooooooolllll....americans, finally...when the hell am i
gonna meet canadians? lol...oh well, we're one step closer
to the equator lol.

I'm gonna respond to this email HIGH nicole...cause i can,
and don't worry, you're in for one fucked up email LOL.
But i promise it won't be scary...well, not that scary lol.

Anyways people, if you got the urge, please, for god
sakes, message me. i always respond, cause yea, A) I'm
that bored B) I Like hearing from other people And; C)
Cause i'm fuckin bored lol....oh wait, i said that
already...and NO i'm NOT high...yet lol


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