my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2004-02-01 04:57:54 (UTC)

todays day. um. does that rule the day out and make it to?

hey hey there. so 2day i painted.. again. at my church.
sharron painted with me but i sorta wished she hadn't bcuz
when we were done, we had painteda shelf, and she was
holding it and moving it around and banging it into the wet
wall. then, she stepped in paint and on the carpet, and i
got it out, and she did it agian, and wouldnt get off the
carpet with her painted foot -.- *sigh* any way. im so
sleepy. my eyes hurt from being open so long. but i dont
wanna go to bed yet. but i think i will. im sleepy. we
(joey amy and i) were gonna get our ears pieced 2morrow,
but amy's going out with robin. so we're not. no not "going
out" with robin, goin shopping with her. i say this because
i said that to joey and he said "i thought robin was
married." which started a whole conversations which was
actually a nice lil convo lol. any way im gonna jet... no
amy, not actually im just sayin it because im outta things
i wanna say. ciao~~
p.s. my cartilidge, amy's first hole, and joey's re-
piercing his ears. i already have 2 holes in each ear. a
third would be hard to match. so cartilidge it is.

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