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2004-02-01 03:25:28 (UTC)

Film ed. and oh yeah, Teresa's got my soul...

Yeah so theatre was popping fun. Plenty of new people which
kinda made everything a bit foreign. We are holding open
workshops I guess for the next month or so on Saturdays so
the warm up was a bit suffocating, if that is the right
term for it.

Afterwards though we started working with camera's. There
were 4 film people. Me, jaz, Stephany, Eileen. We only had
3 camera's though so Eileen worked more with pictures and
then just edited it on the computer to make a 7 second
sequence. We all went through some basic training though
for camera usage, and what looks best in shots.

First, how to hold the camera how to move with the camera,
what should be seen in the camera. Certain things were
already known to me, others weren't, some were kinda there
secretly, never really came out to be named. After some
excercises such as following a line with the camera fast
and having it steady, and following a person with the
camera and having that steady, we moved on to the scenes.
The scene I was filming with Rasean and Alex by the speaker
was not bad. The dude from Columbia, Chris gave me some
take advice. He showed me 5 different ways I should go
about shooting. All great ideas so I began with that as a
base. I started shooting each of those ideas twice. First
the general, then the close ups. Each with 2 descent takes.

Tim is interrupting me so he suck's ass.
Actually I just wrote that caue he said
it and I said I'll write it in.
So there.

Anyway, Afterwards we took a break for about 10 minutes and
while sitting around started talking. The other groups went
back to filming, while we were still chilling for a few
more minutes. We started talking a bit about the whole
theatre thing with Chris and Anita proposed we watch what
we recorded so we did. Eventually others joined and we
watched the other stuff too. We all got compliments.
Seriously, I thought my stuff is natrually good, and I have
some kind of way to just be able to frame things well, but
today, my stuff was nothing special. I mean, it wasn't bad,
but Stephany outdone herself, and Jasmine seemed as though
the things she just learned sunk in deep as though their
roots were deep in her frames. Point being, it looked
great. Vert nicely framed, good actors, well directed. I
was really wowed. My stuff took on nice points at times.
There was one time when the light lit up Alex so nicely she
looked like a fairy. Another time Rasean says wait and the
light goes on her, it's hilarious. Wish it would have been
a little less dark though. I wanna shoot some more of this
stuff though, the same scene, again, and again, and again.
Now that I'm getting the hang of it.

Basically today was awesome and I can't wait for more.

Oh, and about that whole soul thing, yeah, Teresa has
claimed my soul. We had about a 2 and a half hour
conversation again. She said she tried all day to call me
on my birthday but it was busy. I really wish she would
call me on my cell, but no, maybe I would get charged for
that. Okay nevermind, scratch that. So she told me how the
husband is, and how are the kids, then tried to convert me
again. She got a camra for Christmas so she will be able to
record stuff and send it to me. Yeay!!! I'm a bit jealous.
That is a wack cool gift for Christmas. Shit I need cash,
but anyway, we also had this nice little talk about how she
wants me to go to heaven with her when time comes so she's
gonna jack my soul. She's already claimed it. But I don't
wanna be Christian.

Now I go, now I eat...

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